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Scottish Sensory Centre (SSC) is for everyone who is involved in the education of deaf children, deafblind children and visually impaired children and young people, the young people themselves and their families.

We are funded by the Scottish Government to provide Career-Long Professional Learning opportunities to teachers and professionals, we engage in research into the issues that affect children with sensory impairments and the professionals who work with them. We also provide an information service comprising a postal lending library, information searches and online resources.

Professor John Ravenscroft giving a presentation, his arms stretched wide

Professional Learning

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

child plays hopscotch in the playground we can only see the lower legs and chalk-marks
Meeting the social care needs of deaf children and young people

SSC, Edinburgh

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

closeup of child's hands building with lego bricks
Introduction to Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)

SSC, Edinburgh

Friday, 28th February 2020

person holding a document with large print
How to create Accessible Documents

SSC, Edinburgh

Monday, 3 March 2020

boy wearing large headphones looking up
Tinnitus and Hyperacusis in Children and Young People
Information Session for Teachers of the Deaf

SSC, Edinburgh

Wednesday, 11th March 2020

closeup of hands using British Sign Language
Getting to grips with BSL Linguistics, acquisition, & assessment

SSC, Edinburgh

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Would you like to find out more about new advances in knowledge regarding Sensory Impairment?

Our colleagues working in research across the world are constantly adding to this knowledge. We are here to help you to find out about new ideas.

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child writing at a table

BSL Glossary

SSC's BSL Glossary team have collected and created British Sign Language Terms for Curriculum Topics: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics and Physics.

Includes examples and laboratory clips for students of science subjects. In addition to the website there is an App for iOS and Android.

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image shows red-blue light emitted by a plasma ball

Events and Video Archive

Missed an event? We have materials and recordings from a number of professional learning courses available to view on our website.

Recordings and materials are available from a number of SSC professional learning events and webinars.

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We have a number of publications and resources produced as part of our many projects are freely available on our website: from our Play DVDs to How Good is Our Sensory Service? document launched in May 2019.

Materials are also available from a number of SSC professional learning events and webinars.

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