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BSL Maths Glossary - cube root - Example (symbol ³√)

Subject level: Credit


This symbol is called a cube root. Let's put in a number. So the cube root of 8 equals what? How do we work this out? I'll show you. You need to have exactly the same number repeated, not different ones. They must be the same. So 2x2 is 4 and that times 2 is 8. So that is three 2s. So the cube root of 8 is 2. So here you would put 2.

Here's one more. The cube root of 1000. That's a difficult one. How can we work this out? Remember we need to have the same number repeated. You have to work out that we need to have three numbers.

5 x 5 is 25 x 5 - not that wouldn't work.

We need to find 1000. What about 10 x 10 x10 - oh that might work. So 10x10 is 100 and x 10 is 1000.x

So that means you have used the same number three times and that's right. So here you would put 10 (as the answer).