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BSL Physics Glossary - average speed - example

Colin: So we have three metres marked out here. What's that?
Gary: That's the car.
Colin: What are we measuring here?
Gary: The average speed.
Colin: Average speed. Right. So we start the timer here, and stop it after the car has gone three metres. As the car starts I will start the timer. So let's just go over what the formula is for average speed.
Gary: It's distance travelled divided by time.
Colin: Right. Distance travelled divided by time. And what measurement do we use for length?
Gary: Metres.
Colin: What do we measure time in?
Gary: Seconds. So the speed is measured in metres per second.
Colin: Right. That's speed. Are you ready?

(Car runs down the bench)
Colin: So that is 3 metres divided by 2.66

(Colin does calculation with calculator)

1.12 m/s

Gary: So what is the average speed? One point what?
Colin: 1.22
Gary: 1.22 metres per second.
Colin: Yes. That's the average speed.