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SSC Bulletin 14: January 2013

    Sharing information with everyone who is involved in the education of deaf children, deafblind children and visually impaired children and young people, the young people themselves and their families.


    SSC News

    Vision for Doing
    This month, 21 years ago, Vision for Doing was first published. It cannot be denied that this publication has had a huge impact on the assessment of children's vision. We are keen to document the impact of this book and we'd love to hear from you about your memories of using it initially and how Vision for Doing has changed the way you work.

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    SSC Courses

    Coming up ...

    Thursday-Friday, 21-22 February 2013

    Early Years Braille: Pre-Braille Skills & Introduction to Braille
    In this practical two-day course participants are introduced to pre-Braille activities for young children. On Day 1 the focus will be on the physical and sensory aspects of Braille including tactile perception, fine motor skills and how to encourage finger and hand movements. On Day 2 more formal pre-Braille activities will be considered; participants will be given opportunities to look at samples of early years pre-reading schemes.

    Target Audience: Teachers, parents, early years workers and support staff may find this course interesting.

    Presenters: The main presenters will be Janis Sugden, Scottish Sensory Centre and Elaine Brackenridge, Depute Head, The Royal Blind School. Others who have experience in working with visually impaired children in the early years will assist with the course delivery. For more information and an application form please go to our website:

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    Wednesday, 13 March 2013

    Audiology workshop - FREE (Booking essential)
    Representatives of major audiology companies will deliver presentations on their equipment. Participants will have the opportunity to have hands-on sessions and gain experience of new audiological equipment in use. Richard Vaughan will present on the latest Soundfield systems and there will be a plenary session on compatibility with the latest FM systems and cochlear implants.

    Target Audience: Teachers, parents and all those working with deaf children and young people in schools.

    Presenters: Richard Vaughan, Connevans; Gareth Challis, PC Werth; Graham Breakenridge, Classroom Communications.

  • Closing date: 20th February 2013:
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    Modifying Written English: Unit K318
    SSC Signature Accredited Course: Level 3 Award in Modifying Written English Texts for Deaf People is designed for people who wish to work with and for deaf people who may require support in accessing written English: teachers, communication support workers, tutors and other support staff working with deaf pupils and students as well as parents. The course is run over 10 months via an online distance learning format. Unit K318 Accessible English for Deaf and Deafblind People forms the first part of the Level 3 award. Closing date: 1 March 2013. For more information visit our website:

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    Braille Competency Courses
    We are accepting applications for the SSC Braille Competency Courses, Grade 1 and Grade 2 for an April 2013 start. For more information visit our website:

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    "In Other News ..."

    New BSL App
    A group of young deaf people in South Tyneside have created a charitable app to support friends & family in learning British Sign Language (BSL). Support was given by the local sensory team - South Tyneside Hearing Impaired Service and all profits will be used to purchase equipment and technology for deaf children in the area.

    "We noticed a need for further resources that would introduce BSL to those parents not yet comfortable in attending formal courses, as well as a resource to use at home for those who were already attending level 1 classes. The project has taken over 2 years to complete and is now available to download in the App Store!"

  • Lite Version (free)
  • Full Version (£2.99)
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    Back to School DVD Project
    Many will be aware of the SCoD project about Deaf history in Scotland. Three DVDs have so far been produced using Lottery Heritage funds: Deaf People at War, Deaf People at Work and Sporting Memories. Now the project will turn their attention to Education which is intended to be a 3-part DVD set. The DVDs will be of interest to the Deaf community, Scottish local history centres, teachers of history and teachers of deaf children and young deaf people themselves and will be presented in BSL with subtitles.

    It is proposed to run 6 workshops across Scotland for deaf school aged children and their teachers about deaf education in the past. These workshops will take place between January and March 2014. There will be a 20-page booklet accompanying the DVD box set. If any head of service or teacher of deaf children is interested in hosting a workshop, please contact with Lilian Lawson ASAP.

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    Library News

    There is a new children's story about visual assessment (proceeds going to Children 1st.) It includes a character who has vision problems and incorporates a couple of simple tests:

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    Two of the main journals for deaf education have produced issues recently which have been added to the SSC Journal Article database. Deafness and Education International is a varied issue ranging from a study of the language development of young children with cochlear implants to a study of the issues for deaf young people looking to access higher education. A third article looks at the training for deaf people who are teaching BSL in the UK.

    The Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education also has a broad spread of topics: a study of sign bilingualism, sign language abilities and theory of mind relating to different school environments, early mathematical skills as developed by parents, quality of life and its relationship to school placement, the language and culture choices of hearing adults from deaf families, spoken language in children with cochlear implants, use of a BSL version of a mental health survey and a study of a questionnaire aimed at parents of deaf children regarding the medical information and other advice offered to them.

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