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 SSC Bulletin 23: May 2014

Sharing information with everyone who is involved in the education of deaf children, deafblind children and visually impaired children and young people, the young people themselves and their families.

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Friday, 13th June

Attachment in the care of people with a visual and intellectual disability: theory and practice

Dr Paula S Sterkenburg, Assistant Professor, VU University Amsterdam and clinical psychologist, Bartimeus, The Netherlands

The morning session will present:

  • an introduction on the relationship between stress and attachment, the importance of developing an attachment relationship will be explained;
  • recent developments regarding assessment of disorders of attachment;
  • assessment based on scientific research and practical experience in the field of care for children and adolescents with a visual and/or intellectual disability.

The afternoon session will cover interventions for daily care as well as psychotherapy in specially needed situations:

  1. the development of attachment relationship with persons with profound intellectual disabilities;
  2. the treatment of separation anxiety for persons with a moderate intellectual disability;
  3. the Therapy for Attachment and Behaviour (ITAB) will be illustrated. ITAB has been developed specifically for the treatment of children with a visual and severe intellectual disability with disordered attachment, with severe and persistent behavioural problems who do not respond to regular therapies.

Next Session ...

  • 27/8/14 Deaf Children at Primary School for Teaching Assistants (Ear Foundation)
  • 28/8/14 VI Awareness Raising: package aimed at support for learning assistants

Braille Course

Contracted Braille (Grade 2) has 6 places available for a 1st September start. To process the admin and have materials despatched in good time applications should be received by SSC by mid June.

 SSC News

Let Me Play: Early Years Play for Children with Visual Impairment

We are very excited to announce our new DVD created in collaboration with RNIB Scotland and Royal Blind School, Edinburgh. This resource offers an insight into the opportunities for learning that play provides to young children with visual impairment. The DVD was formally launched at the Scottish Parliament's Cross Party Group on Visual Impairment on Wednesday 28th May. More copies and an online version will be available soon.

  • Contact us for more details:

 "In Other News ..."

iPads to Support Pupils with a Visual Impairment

Our neighbours, CALL Scotland, are running a one-day course on iPads to Support Pupils with a Visual Impairment on June 6th at CALL Scotland, Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh. Cost: £115. iPads have great potential for pupils with visual impairment who need a portable, flexible and easy to use tool for accessing eBooks and digital materials, and for writing and recording. This course covers the accessibility features that are built-in free of charge to the iPad, as well as specialist apps for accessing the curriculum.

  • Further information and Booking details are available at:

Research into Children's Literature and the Representation of Visual Impairment

A postgraduate student at the University of Edinburgh is engaged in some very interesting research and would like to consult with teachers of Visual Impairment in Scotland. The research aims to (a) explore the nature (positive or negative) of the portrayals of children with visual impairments in selected children's literature (b) explore the criteria which contribute to the selection of inclusive books, (c) explore the views of teachers about those depictions and ascertain teachers' views on the pedagogical opportunities.

Can you help? Two books will be sent electronically with one questionnaire. Later, an interview will take place, in a convenient location or by Skype, to explore the representations of characters with visual impairment. The results will be anonymous and will only be used for the purposes of the data analysis.

  • For more information contact Charoula Kouppa: email: or Mobile: 07922074463

EdSign Lecture: Post-school transitions of deaf young people in Scotland

For all young people, the process of transition to adulthood is likely to present a series of risks and challenges. This is especially likely to be the case for deaf young people who may face additional environmental and attitudinal barriers linked to the challenges of communicating in a hearing world. This presentation by Mariela Fordyce draws on the main findings of a study commissioned by NDCS Scotland, carried out between June 2012 and October 2013 by researchers at the University of Edinburgh. This event will be held on Tuesday 3rd June 6.30pm at Moray House, Edinburgh.

  • For more information:

 Library News

See Hear: A strategic framework for meeting the needs of people with a sensory impairment in Scotland has formally been published following the consultation that took place last year.


It has also been published in formats suitable for eReaders:


Recently we have received a copy of Close the gap: promoting positive post-school transitions for deaf young people in Scotland produced by NDCS Scotland in April 2014. This builds on the research done by Mariela Fordyce at the University of Edinburgh. See the above EdSign lecture.

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