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Updated 1st May 2019

  • How Good is our Sensory Service?
    On 1st May 2019 we launched our new standards document How Good is our Sensory Service? A Framework for Auditing and Evaluating the Quality of our Sensory Services. This document is available from the Scottish Sensory Centre and is also downloadable from our website.
  • BSA Annual Conference 2019: Translating Research into Practice, Wednesday 5th June 2019, Wolverhampton
    The BSA Annual Conference continues to be the leading UK scientific forum to bring together clinicians and researchers who have an interest in hearing, tinnitus and balance. This event promises to offer delegates the latest in audiology research, education and expertise, with inspiring speakers and informative sessions.This event is FREE for BSA members and only £45 for non-members. Register NOW at
  • 1st Rehabilitation Conference of ICEVI-Europe, Budapest
    ICEVI-Europe are now calling for papers (deadline 15th April) for their Rehabilitation conference which will be held in Budapest, 31st May - 1st June 2019:
  • SAVIE DigiTeachMeet Webinar: Tuesday 14th May, 4.15-5pm
    As part of National Digital Learning week SAVIE would like to bring those involved in Visual Impairment education together virtually to share their practice in all things digital. This will be a very informal and hopefully fun webinar! It's your chance to talk about and share anything related to technology you have done at any age or stage that works well in Visual Impairment education. It could be your Eureka moment or a small thing that has made a big difference. Or just join us to soak up new ideas! There are 2 options to consider if you want to participate:
    • Deliver a 2-7 minute slot from a location of your choice
    • Just log in and see what's happening!
    You will need access to a computer connected to the internet, the software we use is web based. We will send you join up information. If interested in delivering or listening, please email Jacqueline McGuire before the 6th May.
  • Learning to Access: VIEW discussion paper
    Looks at why a new UK specialist curriculum to enable equitable participation in education for children and young people with vision impairment is necessary. The aim of is to start a discussion about the need for a national, UK specialist curriculum for vision impairment (VI) education that addresses the development and learning needs associated with blindness and partial sight and reflects the distinctive skills required by learners with VI.
  • Visual Impairment Sports Day: Saturday 30th March 2019
    Scottish Disability Sport is delighted to be working in partnership with JudoScotland, Scottish Football Association, Scottish Swimming, Scottish Athletics, Blazing Saddles, Goalball UK and Celtic FC Foundation to offer a unique experience of athletics, bowls, cycling, football, goalball, judo and swimming. A meet and greet service will be available at Dundee bus station and / or Dundee railway station to direct you to the venue. Please let us know you need this support when booking. For participants aged 10+ years. Registration is essential. For more information or to book a place on the day please contact: Email: Phone: 0131 317 1130
    Time: 11.00am - 4.00pm, registration 10.30am
    Venue: St Paul's High School, 90 Gillburn Road, Dundee DD3 0EH
  • Childhood Mental Health Conference, May 2019, Budapest
    A European Regional Conference, From Perinatal to Early Childhood Mental Health - Prevention and Clinical Practice, will be held between 8th-11th of May 2019 in Budapest. You are invited to participate, whether you are a researcher, or a specialist working within the field of parental and early childhood mental health, in the life period from planning the pregnancy to school age children. Professionals from every discipline and relevant sector (healthcare, education, social care, family policies etc) are welcome to attend.
  • Frontiers for Young Minds provides a collection of freely available scientific articles by distinguished scientists that are shaped for younger audiences by the input of their own young peers. Read more ...
    Recommended reading by the BSL Glossary Team!
  • BSL Glossary
    We have now organised BSL Glossary Chemistry and Physics signs into subcategories.
  • SSC eBulletin: October 2018
  • National Eye Health Week
    Optometrist warns we are absorbing more than 10 times too much blue light from digital device screens. Read more ...
  • Exhibition: In Touch Tour - Stone Works Friday 14 September
    An exhibition dedicated to stone sculptures, this installation is specifically designed for access by touch.
    Artists Lynn Cowan and Teresa Hunyadi will guide blind and partially sighted visitors into the exhibition and provide a point of contact. This will enable visitors to self-navigate around the space, and discover and explore the works for themselves, with the layout designed to allow this.
    Start times: 12pm, 1pm, 2pm - allow up to 1 hour for your visit. Booking required.
    Please book your place by emailing Lynn Cowan or phoning 07741 495450
    Venue: Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop Research Space, in the Bill Scott Sculpture Centre. Address: 21 Hawthornvale, Newhaven, Edinburgh EH6 4JT.
  • University of Edinburgh's BSL Plan
    The University's BSL Working Group has been working hard to draft and translate their BSL plan. It is now out for consultation and responses in writing or in BSL are welcomed:
  • Scottish Course to Train Tutors of Lipreading (SCTTL) - New 2019 Scottish Course Open for Applications!
    SCTTL plan to run the course which will be six weekends between January and September. You must be able to attend all six study weekends to complete the course. The weekends are full days Saturday and Sunday and it is hoped that Forth Valley Sensory Centre will be the venue.
    Unfortunately at this moment specific dates cannot be set. Response and confirmation from course applicants are needed before the venue can be booked. Confirmation of dates will be possible once applications are received or at the latest around September 2018.
    This is an intensive course which involves a lot of study and course work to be completed between study weekends. As well as practical teaching on a weekly basis.
    If you have already completed an application for last year's course, please get in touch at the e-mail below but there should be no need to re-do your application unless your details have changed.
    Please contact us on for more information.
  • NDCS Adventure Weekend Scotland, 12-14 October 2018
    An exciting weekend of outdoor activities for deaf children aged 14-18. Applications by 28/07/2018
  • Addiction Resource
    Addiction Resource raises awareness of the dangers of addiction and helps K-12 students stay drug and bully-free:
  • Access2Books
    The dual format book company have reopened their shop owing to public demand following their closure in December 2017. The company will run on a restricted schedule and will only produce and ship books between November and March.
  • SSC eBulletin: May 2018
  • BATOD Scotland Conference
    The next BATOD Scotland Conference will be held on Saturday 12 May 2018 at the Forth Valley Sensory Centre, Redbrae Road, Camelon, Falkirk, FK1 4DD. Keynote Speaker: Sue Lewis.
  • Tactile Collider
    SSC will be hosting a demonstration of the Tactile Collider which allows children who are visually impaired to experience the amazing science of CERN's Large Hadron Collider on Tuesday 12th June 2018 in Edinburgh. More ...
  • Can you help? Researcher seeks mainstream primary teachers working with children with VI
    This study is aimed at primary mainstream teachers in Scotland to understand:
    • the methods and strategies they adopt to include children with visual impairment in their classrooms
    • what training and/or knowledge they think they require and
    • how do they use the services of a qualified teacher of visually impaired (QTVI) in primary mainstream classrooms.
    The study also seeks to understand any challenges that primary mainstream teachers face, and what they think are the barriers that might hinder inclusion of children with visual impairment in primary mainstream classrooms.

    If you know of any primary teachers that may be able to help please let them know of this survey:

    The project has University of Edinburgh Ethics Approval.
  • NVID Pre-Conference event
    AER (Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired) in the USA has formed a new division Neurological Visual Impairment Division to increase the knowledge base of Vision loss or impairment due to brain injury or disease (including CVI). At an NVID Pre-conference event in July, Professor John Ravenscroft will speak about: Cerebral Visual Impairment and Deprivation. Why the numbers matter?
  • SSC eBulletin: February 2018
  • Doorway OnlineDoorway Text Type 3
    Text Type 2 is the well-used touch typing tutor on the Doorway Online site;
    It was specifically designed for visually impaired learners, with large text, clear screen and auditory prompting and feedback. We have designed a replacement that is an improvement on an already excellent touch typing tutor and will work with almost any device that is found in the school and home environment; PCs, laptops, Macs, tablets and Chrome books.
    Text Type 3 will be our second multi-platform Doorway activity, following Doorway Cashing In. It will be released in two phases.
    • Phase 1 will be a replacement for TT2 with several new features, including WPM score and keeping track of the accuracy score in the previous sessions. TT3 will suggest whether an exercise should be repeated or whether the learner should move on to the next one.
    • Phase 2 is designed to give access to touch typing practice to learners with very low vision. As well as the usual auditory feedback, it will read out screen messages and also the current line to be typed. Between the two phases, there will be the chance for VI support staff to comment on the design and implementation.
    The SSC has generously given us a grant to get us started on TT3. Please make a donation to help us complete the work.
    If you wish to learn more or join a small group of evaluators/testers, please email:
    Or to follow developments, like our Facebook page: Doorway Online.
  • Do you have any deaf pupils who are really good readers and are aged 13 to 14?
    The online reading project is returning to Scotland! We have new testing sessions organised at Moray House School of Education between 27th November and 1st December.
    We are trying to find out how successful deaf readers actually read and comprehend online, and how they do searches. The research involves 3-4 hours of testing at our centre (with breaks). We believe the results will be very useful for teachers in helping us to pass on strategies to readers who are not so confident.
    • Access the project website, on this page are two documents for parents to complete to confirm they are happy for their child to take part.
    If you have any queries Email Rachel
  • cover of BSL PlanBritish Sign Language (BSL) National Plan 2017-2023
    The Scottish Government has just published its BSL National Plan. This plan sets out Scotland's ambition to be the best place in the world for BSL users to live, work and visit. The document looks at ten long-term goals covering early years and education; training and work; health; culture and the arts; transport; justice and democracy.
    ... Read the BSL National Plan
  • Do you have any deaf pupils who are really good readers and are aged 13 to 14?
    The online reading project is moving to Scotland! We have testing sessions at Moray House School of Education between 10th and 20th October.
    The project will pay travel expenses for a parent or friend to travel with the young person to the School of Education, and £10 each for food, available on campus. We are trying to find out how successful deaf readers actually read and comprehend online, and how they do searches.
    The research involves 3-4 hours of testing at our centre (with breaks). We can do evenings till 8.30 pm in the week, and we can also do weekends till 5pm. We believe the results will be very useful for teachers in helping us to pass on strategies to readers who are not so confident.
    • Access the project website, on this page are two downloads for parents to complete to confirm they are happy for their child to take part.
    If you have any queries Email Rachel
  • Deaf Science Club
    Calling all young deaf scientists!! This is an exciting opportunity for you to get involved with Deaf Science Club at the Glasgow Science Centre. Open for all young people aged between 5 and 14 years old. This 6 week programme will cover a range of topics, with fun activities, experiments and workshops for you to get involved with.
    Please note Club membership costs £24 and includes all six sessions. Sessions cannot be purchased individually.
  • Conference: Psychological wellbeing and mental health of children and young people with visual impairment and their families: Needs, research and intervention
    Lectures and workshops by leading academic researchers, clinicians and practitioners from UK, Europe and internationally, as well as parent and child representatives, to share the most up to date research and clinical practice and to bridge research and practice and support skill learning.
    UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, London on Tuesday 3rd July - Wednesday 4th July 2018
    Contact ICH Events: Tel +44 (0)207 905 2699; e-mail
  • BSL App LogoBSL Education App - Access the BSL Glossary on your mobile!
    On Tuesday, 5th September at Dynamic Earth our BSL Education app will be launched by the group of deaf young people who helped the SSC with the development and design of the app. The event will be attended by groups of deaf children from Falkirk, Dingwall and Glasgow. They will watch a science show using the signs, and be introduced to the new app, which is free to download from Google play and the App store.
    Learn More ...
  • Lilian with John Denerley at launch of Deaf People at Work DVDLilian Lawson: Honorary Doctorate
    On 6th July 2017, Lilian Lawson will receive an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Edinburgh. Lilian has spent her life campaigning for deaf people's rights and access to communication. Lilian was the driving force behind the BSL Scotland Act which was passed in 2015.
    The SSC/Moray House has had a long association with Lilian, stretching back to her involvement in the Edinburgh BSL project in the 1970s and 80s which began the recognition of BSL as a language. During that time Lilian was involved in writing the seminal book Words in Hand. Until her retirement, Lilian also served on the SSC's Advisory committee where we benefited from her wisdom.
    Here is a video of Lilian talking about her life and career for BSL Zone:

    Pictured: Lilian with John Denerley at SCoD launch of Deaf People at Work DVD at Moray House, 2011.
  • Creative Commons License The FIESTA Best Practice Report by Professor John M Davis and Professor John Ravenscroft is now available from the SSC website licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
  • VI Awareness Resource: My Story by Kathryn Robertson
    Kathryn and her dad have made a 9 minute video about her visual impairment.
  • BSL Stem Cell Workshop, Edinburgh - 11am - 3pm on 27th March 2017: Are you a 14-18 year old studying science who uses BSL to learn? Join us for a one-day stem cell and sign language workshop in Edinburgh with the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine and the Scottish Sensory Centre.
    Fill in this Booking form (docx or PDF) and return to
  • BSL National Plan PosterBSL National Plan Consultation open meeting on 'Education'
    Wednesday 22 March 2017, 6pm-8pm at Moray House School of Education, Edinburgh.
    This event is open to everyone who has an involvement or interest in British Sign Language (BSL), Deaf / Deafblind people and Education - colleagues, young people, parents, families, friends, professionals, etc.
    Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Derek Todd directly.
  • SSC Bulletin: March 2017
  • Scottish Government’s Draft British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan Consultation
    Deadline: Wednesday, 31st May 2017.

    This draft plan covers the whole of the Scottish Government and over 50 national public bodies that Scottish Ministers have responsibility for. Other public bodies, including local authorities and regional NHS boards, will publish their own BSL plans next year. This first BSL National Plan will cover the next six years to 2023.

    Scottish Government Consultation Website:

    Scottish Government Consultation Facebook:

    Deaf Sector Partnership Website:

    Deaf Sector Partnership Facebook:

    Anyone in Scotland can contribute to the consultation. If you have any questions, contact:

  • Group photoThis week we welcome visitors from Brazil: Vivian Rumjanek, Lorena Emidio & Bruno Baptista dos Santos from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro will be working with the SSC BSL Glossary team to discuss collaboration on signing Biology terms.
  • EdSign Lecture on 28th February - Projeto Surdos: A Brazilian Pilot Study Aiming At Attracting Deaf Students To Science by Vivian Rumjanek, Lorena Emidio & Bruno Baptista dos Santos from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Disability Research Edinburgh's (DRE) next seminar takes place on Friday, 3rd March 2017, 3-5pm LG.10, David Hume Tower George Square, Edinburgh. All welcome
    For this seminar there will be two guest speakers:
    Dr. Audrey Cameron, Scottish Sensory Centre, who will discuss Science and Maths in British Sign Language
    Jon Reid, Sense Scotland who will talk about Sense Scotland's work in using creativity and arts to develop communication with people with profound and complex support needs
    ...More details
  • In June 2017 there will be two opportunties to hear from leading international deaf education expert, Professor Greg Leigh. On Friday 23rd June, SSC will host a course presented by Greg and on Saturday 24th June, Greg is one of the keynote speakers at the SSC/Adept conference.
  • Online Reading Research Project - Deaf readers wanted!
    Rachel O'Neill (University of Edinburgh) is part of a team beginning an exciting new collaborative research project between Universities of Roehampton, Birmingham and Edinburgh. The focus of this project is on reading skills online, which includes both searching and comprehension of online texts.
    As part of the project, they will compare online reading strategies (ie, the use of graphics, text, multiple pages and review strategies) in hearing children who use English and deaf children, who use either English or British Sign Language as a preferred language. Find out more.
  • Ballyland Rotor App
    Coming soon! New educational app for children who are blind or have low vision
  • Deaf Friendly Games for a Children's Party - Infographic
    Gives several tips and ideas for parents who are holding a children's party where deaf children may be in attendance. The games suggested are inclusive, allowing all children to play together. You can find the infographic here:
  • Bulletin November 2016
  • Big Leap Abseil - Support the BSL Glossary
    A group are abseiling down David Hume Tower on Sunday 18th September (c2pm) to raise money for the SSC BSL Glossary of Curriculum terms, to support them follow these Justgiving Links
  • There have been changes to the University of Edinburgh's Postgraduate Programmes on the qualifications for Teachers of pupils with sensory impairments (ie Deaf or Visually Impaired). For more information:
  • We are very pleased to announce that Dr John Ravenscroft, the Head of the Scottish Sensory Centre, has been made a Professor of Childhood Visual Impairment at the University of Edinburgh. Congratulations to John!
  • NDCS Supporting Achievement resources have been updated and republished. (We picked up a spare copy of the Secondary booklet at a recent event.) These resources are for mainstream education staff on how to support deaf children and young people in various settings.
  • British Academy of Audiology 13th Annual Conference: 10-11 November 2016, SECC Glasgow
    Registration is now open! For more information visit:
    This year explores the theme of People Make Audiology. Delegates can expect to receive the latest in audiology research, education and expertise, with inspiring speakers and informative sessions. Introducing a series of talks entitled ‘All you need to know’ which will have online resources accessible for delegates.
    Abstracts: Free paper and poster presentations form an integral part of the conference. Successful submissions will have their research displayed at conference or may be asked to present orally to audiologists from the UK and beyond. Submit abstract before Monday 25 July.
    For further information email or phone 01506 292 035

  • GIRFEC Easy Read Guides People First and Alliance Scotland have produced these helpful easy-read guides to GIRFEC, we have added the links to our website.

  • BSL Glossary App Tender Invitation
    Would you be able to construct an App for our famous BSL Glossary? Send us your quote for the design and build of an App (for use with mobile devices and tablets) by 9am on Friday 20th May 2016. NB Q&A session scheduled for 25th May has been postponed to 2nd June owing to industrial action.
  • Edinburgh Goalball club
    Goalball UK have recently launched a new club in Edinburgh so are looking for players, coaches, officials and volunteers (no experience is required). If you would like to get involved, come along to the next training session: Saturday 14th May at 1pm - 3pm
    Venue: Edinburgh College (Sighthill Campus), Bankhead Avenue, Edinburgh, EH11 4DE
    More information: Kathryn Fielding (Tel 07795 263642 or email
  • The Polar Bears Go Up
    This deaf-friendly theatre show for young children goes on tour. More details on The Polar Bears Go Up
  • Bulletin: April 2016
  • VINCYP CVI Event, The Royal George Hotel, Perth - 17th June 2016
    This seminar aims to provide information on cerebral visual impairment for professionals, outwith health, who support children and young people with visual impairment. It is anticipated that attendees will come from a variety of backgrounds and job roles within education, social work and the voluntary sector. The day will provide an overview of the variety of presentations which these young people may show, and provide an opportunity for practitioners to share their own practice as well as learn from others.

  • British Association of Teachers of the Deaf conference: Saturday 14 May 2016, Glasgow
    The next BATOD Scotland Conference is on Saturday 14th May 2016 at the Premier Inn, George Square, Glasgow. The Keynote speaker Gary Morgan will present on Theory of Mind. An application form is available on the SSC website. If you are planning to attend please return your application form (doc) to Myra Orr by 26th April.
  • Collaborative Working in Sensory Support: Strengthening Quality and Consistency of Support Throughout the Learner Journey
    Monday 25 April 2016 (10am-4pm)
    For people working in schools, colleges, universities, or workplace settings who have an interest in improving provision for learners who are Deaf, have a hearing loss, or a visual impairment. Aims:
    • a solution focused day bringing together practitioners from diverse backgrounds
    • encourage communication, knowledge exchange and collaboration between educators and trainers from schools, colleges, universities and workplace programmes
    • stimulate discussion around research findings and innovative practice
    • provide an opportunity for attendees to earn credits towards becoming an Inclusive Practitioner. Information about this new approach to CPD will be shared on the day.
  • Dovecot opens its doors for Disabled Access Day on Saturday 12 March 10:30am-5:30pm, welcoming all visitors to explore its beautifully restored Victorian Baths building in the centre of Edinburgh.
    Visit Dovecot Gallery's latest exhibition Necklace for an Elephant and Other Stories: The Working Lives of David Poston which documents Poston's varied career as a jeweller, designer-maker, interdisciplinary problem solver and 3D technologist. At 11am a member of Dovecot staff will conduct a descriptive handling session. Visitors are invited to touch and examine more closely Poston's fascinating jewellery objects in order to understand more about the materials and techniques employed by the designer.
    On display on the Viewing Balcony is Tuft Loving: Recent Rug Projects illustrating Dovecot made rugs created in collaboration with artists and designers including Linder, Timorous Beasties and Garry Fabian Miller. At 2pm one of Dovecot's rug makers will take visitors on a tour around the Balcony describing the gun-tufting technique and rugs on show. Attendees will also have an opportunity to handle samples, wool and some of the tools used to create Dovecot's exquisite textile artworks. Please review this venue on Euan's Guide.

  • Canaan Barrie 'on body' Sign System
    We often get queries about the Canaan Barrie signs (previously published under 'Movement, Gesture and Sign' and later 'Learning Together' by RNIB). Recently we have been working with Mary Lee to make the signs available as individual files for you to download and use.
  • Your Eyes Manual ICEVI-Europe has endorsed this manual, which aims to encourage early diagnosis in blindness prevention and highlight the
    issues of vision loss. Available from the ICEVI-Europe website:
  • Early Years Collaborative Free Training (Scotland's Quality Improvement Programme) Monday, 29th February 2016
    The SSC has organised training on the Early Years Collaborative - Scotland's quality improvement programme to support the transformation of early years. Information re the EarlyYears Collaborative can be found at:

    Julie Wild, EYC/RAFA National Partnership Co-ordinator, will be delivering the training on Monday 29th February, 10am - 1pm at the Scottish Sensory Centre. There is no charge for this training. Lunch will not be provided but we plan to have an afternoon session from 2pm-3pm on how we can take this forward within the SSC Early Years Groups (HI and VI).
    If you would like a place on this training, please email by 23rd February.
  • Disabled Access Day: Saturday 12 March 2016 - Artlink have sent us details of events across Edinburgh. Check the Disabled Access Day website for other venues.
  • Sport Week!
    Beginning with our 2 day event with Lauren Liebermann, the week beginning 14th March seems to be a cluster of events celebrating and encouraging participation in Sport.
  • Bulletin: January 2016
  • Webinar: Safeguarding disabled children
    This free webinar will explore how and why deaf and disabled children are additionally vulnerable to abuse, and what steps can be taken by sports organisations to safeguard them. (Via BATOD)
  • MOLLVIS App evaluation
    European colleagues from Germany, Italy, Romania, and Edinburgh have been working on a German Language Learning app for Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices. The apps have been designed specifically for users who are blind and visually impaired, but also hopefully attractive to the sighted user - a fully inclusive app.
    If you or a pupil/student or someone you know is studying German or would like to evaluate the app then please download “MOLLVIS” from App Store or Google Play (for Android) (The Windows version will be released soon.)
    Once downloaded, choose the English speaking version. It will download the language files. (It's suggested you do this on wi-fi as the files are quite large.)
    It would help the development of the app if you could evaluate the app. Please use the following links:
    For Teachers evaluating the student learning and app:

    For Learners (pupils/students and users):

    If you want to send any other comments on the Project, please contact:

  • VINCYP Award
    VINCYP has come second in the Bayer Ophthalmology Honours awards in the category of Best Patient Support or Education Initiative. The entry was highly commended and the judges commented:

    “This initiative offers an impressive, cohesive plan for children. The objectives and strategy for the network are clear and it is already impacting positively on care delivery. This is a worthwhile initiative and broad implementation will benefit patients significantly.”

    Full info available at

  • BSA Online learning: Paediatric Tinnitus: Practice Guidance by Dr Veronica Kennedy
    BSA Lunch & Learn eSeminar - November 2015
    , Supported by Phonak iLearn as part of the Phonak Academy
    The British Society of Audiology are pleased to introduce the next Lunch & Learn eSeminar. They are available free of charge and are provided in collaboration with Phonak iLearn. They are available from the date shown with email access to the speaker for questions for up to the following two weeks. They can also be accessed at a later date from the BSA and Phonak websites. Please request connection through Firewalls with your local IT department if this is your first eLearning experience.
    To watch the recording:
  • Carnegie Mellon Students Release Ed Software for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
    Sign language dictionary builder for local signs and an app that encourages sound production
  • Euan's Guide is a disabled access review site where disabled people and friends, family members and carers share their experiences of accessibility across the country. So far there are over 2300 places on the site across 700 UK towns, ranging from sports grounds and concert venues to more everyday places such as coffee shops and post offices. The site aims to be a positive resource, focusing more on good practice and getting feedback back to venues on things to improve. Euan's Guide aims to become a go-to knowledge bank on accessibility that will empower disabled people by providing greater choice of places to go, and act as a mechanism for getting their views on accessibility heard. They are particularly keen to hear from more visually impaired or deaf people. It is a new charity, based in Edinburgh.
    For more background and to write a review please visit
  • Peek Vision The app produced from the SightSim project is now available for free to use on Android.
    Go to: Google play store and type in Peek Vision to find the App.
    Or enter:

    It is part of the visual acuity testing set up available for free from Peek, the organisation setting up eye care services in Africa centred upon the set of devices and software that can be used with mobile phones.

    Once the vision has been determined and entered, the image that is seen using the camera is a split screen real time presentation of how you are seeing on one side and how the person with low vision is seeing on the other.

    Gordon Dutton says "Do try it out! I've found that it works on phones with fast processors but not slow ones."

  • RNIB has produced a list of Key information and statistics on sight loss
  • SSC response to Education & Culture Committee's Inquiry into attainment of school pupils with a sensory impairment (PDF)
  • SSC Bulletin: March 2015
  • MoLLVIS project plans to create German language learning apps for Windows, Apple and Android devices.
  • NDCS Acoustics Toolkit Update
    NDCS recently published a series of resources "Creating good listening conditions for learning in education". This replaces the old NDCS Acoustics Toolkit. These resources include: A briefing with practical suggestions for mainstream teachers; A PowerPoint training presentation for ToDs to deliver to mainstream teachers; Surveys for assessing pupil views and preliminary checks on listening environments; A parent factsheet; A guide for commissioners; Quality marks that schools may want to consider using to demonstrate that they have good listening conditions.
    The resources are available online at: To ensure it can be kept up to date quickly and easily, there will be no hard copies.
    Tina Wakefield and Stuart Whyte will be giving a presentation on these new resources at the BATOD Conference in Edinburgh in March.
  • New resources from the NDCS:
    A new NDCS factsheet for parents of deaf children on Education, Health and Care plans.

    NDCS has also developed some information on listening fatigue and tiredness in deaf children for their website:

    Membership sign in (free) is needed to download the documents.
  • Scottish Youth Theatre is delighted to have received funding from The Robertson Trust and The Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust enabling the delivery of a new strand of the popular touring project ‘National Roadshow’ designed specifically for Deaf, Blind and Deafblind young people. Throughout March 2015 Scottish Youth Theatre are offering FREE specialist led drama workshops across Scotland!
    The workshop programme will be delivered by an inclusive team of theatre arts professionals, including a professional drama tutor from Scottish Youth Theatre, a Deaf youth theatre specialist from Solar Bear, and Scotland’s first professional musical director who is blind herself.  All tutors have extensive experience of working with young people of all ages and abilities.
    If you would like Scottish Youth Theatre to visit your school or group visit the SYT website (below) for more information and to apply for a workshop.

    If you require more information or would like to discuss in more detail the needs of your group, please contact Joanne Marr at or on 0141 552 3988.

  • SSC Bulletin: January 2015
  • Scottish Council on Deafness FAQ on the BSL Bill
  • The first EdSign of 2015 will be a special event at the Royal Observatory! Reaching for the Stars by Audrey Cameron, Gary Quinn and Tania Johnston Tuesday, 13th January 2015 6.30pm - 8.00pm.
    How can we improve communication of astronomy to the Deaf community? By creating nearly 100 BSL signs for astronomy, that's how! A ground-breaking project has done just that: from signs for each of the planets, to signs for concepts such as black holes and red giants. A tour of the observatory will also be included. BSL/English interpretation available. See also SSC BSL Astronomy Glossary
  • Cerebral Visual Impairment in Children: A Practical Approach A reminder about this very useful online course created by Professor Gordon Dutton. Purchase required.
  • Achievement and Opportunities for Deaf Students in the United Kingdom: The final report is now available from this project which followed up some of the children identified by the SSC's ADPS project. Funded by the Nuffield Foundation and undertaken by Rachel O’Neill, Julie Arendt and Marc Marschark at the University of Edinburgh.
  • FIESTA Newsletter: October 2014 Includes information about the outcomes of the project and a request for inclusion stories from your pupils. To receive your own updates and access to resources, register for free here:
  • SSC Bulletin: October 2014
  • Check out this new project on Habilitation or Orientation, Mobility and Independence skills for children who are visually impaired STEP UP: Safe Travel and movement through the Environment for young learners with visual impairment. Promoted by all! Understanding and Participation
  • Getting IT right for pupils with visual impairments (Eye Right): produced by the ICT Policy and Practice Group:
    Eye Right Word Document
    Eye Right PDF
  • Ototoxicity & Hearing Loss Webinar: The British Society of Audiology are pleased to introduce the next Lunch & Learn eSeminar. They are available free of charge and are provided in collaboration with Phonak iLearn. Please request connection through Firewalls with your local IT department if this is your first eLearning experience.
    To watch the recording:

  • SSC Bulletin: May 2014
  • SSC Bulletin: March 2014
  • Update on VI Scotland project
  • We are getting a lot of bounced emails at the moment, please contact us if your email address has changed and/or if you are not receiving mailings as expected.
  • SSC December Bulletin
  • SSC November Bulletin
  • SSC September Bulletin
  • Support for the New National Literacy Units (pdf)
    SQA has produced a quick and easy guide to supportive practices for National Literacy Units. This guide may be helpful to centres, learners, parents, carers and others interested in support for the National Literacy Units. A braille copy of the leaflet is also available from SQA.
    Please email if you wish a copy.
  • SSC August Bulletin
  • Graduate Diploma: Specialist Qualification in Habilitation and Disabilities of Sight (Children and Young People) validated by the Institute of Education, University of London and run in London, Wakefield or Edinburgh
    Do you want to become an Habilitation Assistant or an Habilitation Specialist (or know someone who does), directing and implementing mobility and independence work with children and young people from birth to age 25 who are blind or visually impaired and may have other needs? If you work with visually impaired children and young people and want to gain a recognised qualification and develop your career.
    Graduate Diploma: Specialist Qualification in Habilitation and Disabilities of Sight (Children and Young People)
    For further information refer to or
    Email Kim Reynolds, Programme Administrator:
  • Really Useful Guide to Living with Sight Loss
  • New VI Awareness series on YouTube
  • Introduction to the Perkins Brailler now on You Tube
  • Sensory Stories for young VI children now on You Tube
    Lorna's practical guides to how to make up a sensory experience for sensory storytelling. This resource will build up over time.