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BSL Chemistry Glossary - Laboratory video (Quicktime) - electrolysis

Note: this is a long movie so please allow it time to load.

Video: This experiment shows electrolysis. You will see bubbles coming up the electrodes. 

This solution is nickel chloride. I will turn on the electricity now to make an electrical circuit. Watch the electrodes as I turn on the current – look carefully at what happens to them. Can you see bubbles coming up the carbon rods? The green colour you can see in the solution is a compound of nickel chloride. When the electricity passes through the solution, it splits the compound into nickel - a metal, and chlorine – a gas. You can see the nickel coated on one electrode and bubbles of chlorine gas on the other electrode too.

Nickel chloride → Nickel (metal) + Chlorine (gas)


reproduced by permission from Hodder