University of Edinburgh

BSL Glossary - Crowded Cottage

House - example

sign one:

There was a row of old houses that were really decrepit and falling down. The children used to play there and it was quite dangerous - any kind of accident could have happened. However, one day, as I was passing, I saw that they had been razed to the ground. I didn't know what was going to happen there. Some time later, I saw that new houses were being built. They were beautiful but really expensive - but it was much better than the eyesore that was there before.

sign two:

There was this really old house and rumour had it that it was haunted by a ghost. One lad and his pals decided that they were not bothered by the rumour and they would stay there for one night. Everyone agreed and off they went. When it was bedtime they got zipped into their sleeping bags. As they were lying there, they could hear ‘thump thump’. The floor shook and lights began to flicker. They were afraid and started to cry. They got up and ran hell for leather out of the house. There was no way they could have stayed there.