University of Edinburgh

BSL Glossary - Crowded Cottage

Know - example

There was a woman who had a computer which she didn't use very often - just once in a while. Then one time she had lots and lots of information to send to someone. So she decided to send it by email. She sat down at the computer, but she had forgotten how to do it. She searched through her books, but it was still a problem - she just couldn't make it work. She was getting really frustrated, but then she had an idea - she would ask her wee boy who was about seven and see what he knew. "Do you know how to send emails?" she asked. "Oh yes, I know," he told her and with great confidence he proceeded to show her. His mother was just about going cross-eyed trying to follow him. He sent off the email without any problem. She was really grateful, but she also felt rather stupid that she couldn't do it herself.