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BSL Glossary - Crowded Cottage

Noise - example

There was a man who was pretty well off. He took a notion for a fancy, sleek new car. He went along to the garage, chose the one he wanted, paid with a huge wad of cash and drove off. He was just cruising along, really enjoying himself, when he became aware of a noise coming from the engine. He began to worry about what it could be. Then he thought that maybe it was something that would wear off after a while. However, after one week the noise was still there. He was getting just a bit fed up by now, because he had paid a lot of money and felt that it was wasted. Anyway, he went back to the salesman and complained about the noise and bemoaned the fact that he had paid good money for nothing. However, when the mechanics looked at the engine, they found that there was just a small problem that was soon fixed. So the man was able to drive away his car very contentedly: there was no noise and the car was running very smoothly.