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BSL Physics Glossary - galaxy - example

Picture 1:
This is the Sun. It gives out light and heat. It's a huge ball of gases.

Picture 2:
On this picture, there are many stars. In the middle is a galaxy with millions and millions of stars. We can see stars from our galaxy - the Milky Way at the front of the picture. This is another galaxy far away. Between our Milky Way and this galaxy it is just empty space. There are more galaxies far off in space, like this one. You can see this through a telescope.

Picture 3:
This one shows galaxies that are far away and we can see stars from our Milky Way. This photograph is a small part of our Milky Way but you can see galaxies far away and this shows the end of the universe - the furthest we can see. Beyond the universe is space.

Picture 4:
This picture shows lots of stars. Our Sun is a star too. You can see that the stars have different colours. They are pink or blue. A pink star has a lower temperature and a blue one has a higher temperature. Our Sun has an average temperature. Stars give out heat and light. We are not able to feel the heat coming from these stars but our Sun is near so we can feel the heat from it.