University of Edinburgh

Inclusive Curriculum (VI)

Thursday 23 February 2006


The visually impaired child has to face many barriers when he/she starts school. One of the most difficult the child with visual impairment has to overcome, is the barrier to learning.
As teachers it is very important that we are aware of what these barriers are and the approaches we can use to help our students overcome them and ultimately lead to effective learning. There are special issues for those who support children with visual impairment in relation to specific subject areas, such as social and independence skills, which require skill in planning appropriate and effective educational programmes.

Course participants took part in seminars, and discussions relating to issues from the course and their own practice. This course then aims to identify the barriers to learning and promote practical and usable approaches.

Janis Sugden, Teaching Fellow in Education Support (Visual Impairment), Scottish Sensory Centre/University of Edinburgh
Mary Lee, Principal Teacher (Curriculum and Assessment) Royal Blind School, Edinburgh
Mary Dallas, Education and Family Services Manager, RNIB Scotland, Edinburgh
Jacqueline McGuire, Peripatetic Teacher of Visual Impairment, Froickheim Resource Centre, Angus


10.30 am What do we mean by Inclusive Curriculum? - Janis Sugden

11 am Who needs to adapt? - pupils with visual impairment and
additional support needs - Mary Lee

11.45 am Social Inclusion - an example Janis Sugden

1.30 pm Case Studies

2 pm Social Inclusion in the Secondary Environment - Jacqueline McGuire

3 pm Discussion

3.30 pm Course evaluation and close