University of Edinburgh

Early Years Braille: Pre-Braille skills and introduction to Braille

Presented on 21 and 22 February 2013


In this practical two-day course participants are introduced to pre-Braille activities for young children. On Day 1 the focus will be on the physical and sensory aspects of Braille including tactile perception, fine motor skills and how to encourage finger and hand movements. On Day 2 more formal pre-Braille activities will be considered; participants will be given opportunities to look at samples of early years pre-reading schemes.

Target Audience: Teachers, parents, early years workers and support staff may find this course interesting.

Number of places: Due to the practical nature of this course numbers are limited to 12. Priority will be given to participants who wish to attend both days of the course.

Presenters: The main presenters were Janis Sugden, Scottish Sensory Centre and Elaine Brackenridge, Depute Head, The Royal Blind School. Others who have experience in working with visually impaired children in the early years assisted with the course delivery.


Day One

    10.30 am Braille Practical Session (drawing,) Elaine Brackenridge

  • 11 am Pre-Braille Skills in the Early Years, Janis Sugden
  • 11.30 am Pre-Braille Skills: Practical Activities Elaine Brackenridge Janis Sugden

    1.15 pm Pre-Braille reading activities/discussion Janis Sugden - Introducing the Braille codes Elaine Brackenridge - Unified English Braille (UEB) developments

    3 pm Practical session with Braillers Elaine Brackenridge

  • 3.45 pm Course Evaluation and close
  • Day Two

    10.30 am Introduction to Braille numbers and signs Elaine Brackenridge

    Practical activities including: - The layout of sums - Concrete materials

    1.15 pm Braille diagrams/pictures Janis Sugden - practical sessions making pictures

    3 pm A brief consideration of Braille technology: Elaine Brackenridge Duxbury - A case study: What worked in mainstream?

  • 3.45 pm Course Evaluation and close