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SSC Course 13: Early Years Braille: Pre-Braille Skills & Introduction to Braille: (Day 2)

Presented on Friday, 22 February 2013

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How will you use what you have learned today?

I like the Sewell paper, German film paper and Wikki Stix with raised square graph paper. I also liked the rulers and protractors.
Different resources for drawing. Further study opportunities. Potential reading schemes.
I will pass on ideas and course info to my colleagues.
Knowledge of how to create raised pictures.
Use new materials that we were introduced to.

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What was best about the course/event?
I love the wikki stix!
Sharing experiences and ideas.
Having my questions answered.
Learning about how the maths braille is laid out and seeing Duxbury in action.
Revelation today was the importance/relevance of using tactile diagrams of varying types. I hadn't realised these were so useful to VI pupils - just as they are to sighted pupils. Also drawing in general. Other major relevation over the past two days was the importance of body awareness/orientation, how this can be difficult for VI pupils and different ways in which you can promote this.
Lots of practical activities as well as presentations.
I have enjoyed this introduction to Braille. It is quite daunting to think of going ahead with Braille without proper support.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

Handouts from yesterday's presentation on the braille practicals, ie which of the six dots mean what letter and number, as it was tricky to remember from yesterday!
Maybe have the code in front of you when using brailler.

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SSC website. (1)