University of Edinburgh

Building Positive Social Skills

Presented on Friday 7th November 2014


This course explored the impact of visual impairment on social inclusion and development. A range of assessments and informal checklists were considered to establish the child's social skills. In addition, resources to involve the child in thinking about the social situations they find easy and those they would like to find easier enabled the practitioner to plan targeted interventions. The participants will have gained a range of practical strategies, eg, teacher-directed social skills training, peer mediated interventions, role play, peer supported social skills training, developing assertiveness and mentoring to enable the practitioner to plan a social skills programme. The impact of the course will be a greater understanding by practitioners of:

  • the barriers and issues relating to social skills development for a child or young person with a visual impairment
  • selecting and employing appropriate assessment/observations to help establish the child's needs relating to their social skills development; and
  • selecting and employing a set of strategies to this development.

"Examples of materials and materials to take away. Opportunities to handle materials and consider application to own situation. Presentation was excellent!"

"Looking at resources. I particularly like the Easy-Easier Posting Box, which can be used for many areas we support pupils with, e.g. Curriculum Access, Social Skills."

Target Audience

Teachers, classroom assistants, parents and all those who support a child or young person with a visual impairment.


Gwyneth McCormack, Director, Positive Eye Ltd


10.30 am Overview and assessing of social skills

1.30 pm Strategies and programme planning for social skills

3.30 pm Course Evaluation and close