University of Edinburgh

Assessing Vision in Children with Additional Support Needs: Why and How?

Presented on Wednesday 31 October, 2012


This course provided an excellent opportunity to listen to Dr Maggie Woodhouse who is in charge of the Special Assessment Clinic, Cardiff which caters for patients of all ages with physical and intellectual difficulties. In this course Maggie explored techniques for assessing vision in patients with limited communication. Maggie has research interests in Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy and in nystagmus and is especially interested in how visual and learning disabilities impact on education. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and to take part in some practical activities.

Target Audience: Teachers, parents, support workers, optometrists and anyone with an interest in the assessment of vision in children and young people with limited communication, for example, children with Down's syndrome or cerebral palsy.

Presenter: Dr Maggie Woodhouse, Senior lecturer, School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Cardiff
Janis Sugden, Co-ordinator, SSC