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SQA Braille Competency Course Grade 1 April 2011 - March 2012

Number of Participants completing: 16
Number of Respondents: 9

Overall Assessment:

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1, Poor = 5

Enhancement to your expertise



Content and supplementary material



Inclusion of raised Braille material



How will you use what you have learned in this course?

To prepare for working with braille user.
Will use it with pupils to develop their literacy skills.
I currently work with a visually impaired pupil within a secondary school setting.
Work with a Braille user in mainstream primary school. Hope to continue in this line of work.
If a Braille user comes into my Authority I will feel confident enough to teach Grade 1.
Teacher for visually impaired.
I will use my new skills in the school I work at, with a young boy who is blind.
I will use it for brailling language and maths work for the braille user I work with. It will also be helpful when transcribing his braille work.
I work full time in school with a VI child who is also learning braille - faster than me!

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1, Poor = 5

Clarity of explanations



Quantity of practice material  


Assessment feedback



Pacing of stages



What was best about the course?

Learning in my own time.
Apart from learning braille, how to set out braille on a page.
Being able to do it in a relaxed environment and being able to do it in my own time.
Being able to work at my own pace. No pressure.
Very clear explanation.
Learning how to type braille.
The mix of activities, work to braille up, work to read etc.
The numerous exercises to practise skills learnt.

What, if anything, could have been improved?

Less transcribing.
A lot of work before the assessment then not so much afterwards. Course takes three months but first assessment is due after one month, that doesn't quite make sense - this was a mistake.
I felt that there was a lot of information to cover in the first month but not that much to cover in the following two months. I would have liked more maths/number work in the pack.
A bit more raised braille as that is what I have to work with.

Any other comments regarding the course?

Very nervous.
Materials could have been better with less mistakes throughout - particularly off putting asking to Braille letters and symbols which had not been taught until later in the course. This happened a few times throughout the workbook.
Up until the final assessment I was happy with the material. In the assessment there was a lot of material that had not been covered: quotation marks, the percent sign, dashes and exclamation marks. I felt this left me at a disadvantage and through my concentration as I panicked when I saw work that had not been presented to me. I had been doing some of my own work and through that I had shaky knowledge of most but had to braille toward 'percent' as I had no idea of the symbol. Speaking to colleagues they were not faced with these in their assessment.
I appreciated your understanding when I had to ask for an extension of time due to ill health.

Distance Learning

This course was delivered through distance learning - did you find this a good arrangement or would you have preferred a different mode of delivery? Please comment either way.

I found this a good arrangement.
Distance learning was fine. Tutor was only a phone call or email away.
I preferred this method, more relaxed with less added pressure.
Very happy with this arrangement.
I think that this mode of delivery was perfect for this particular course.
Would have preferred a tutor, face to face to help with any complications I may have had.
I think it worked well with the braille.
This is the best way for me.

Overall distance learning experience

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Feedback and support from tutor


Overall timescale for course



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How did you hear about this course?

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What other SSC CPD training would you find useful?

Grade 2 Braille. Thank you!
Nothing at the moment as I am currently studying for my VI Diploma.