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SQA Braille Competency Course - Contracted April 2013 - March 2014

Number of Participants completing: 16
Number of Respondents: 16

Overall Assessment:

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material


Inclusion of raised Braille material


How will you use what you have learned in this course?

To help VI children learn Braille.
Supporting pupils using Braille in primary school.
To pass on my knowledge to colleagues and VI children.
To enable me to use Braille with my blind pupil.
Work with VI pupils at secondary level.
I support a child who is learning Braille.
I will apply it to my everyday work ethos and it will help me in work progression.
To support students within work setting.
I have to use to help my son for his work.
To use in my job.
I will prepare materials for a visually impaired pupil in primary school.
Hopefully as a teaching assistant with a blind child.
With pupils.
I work with a Braille student so doing this course has helped me to support her.
For teaching and learning.
To teach braille to children.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1, Poor = 5

Clarity of explanations


Quantity of practice material


Assessment feedback


Pacing of stages


What was best about the course?

To gain knowledge and understanding of Braille.
Practising Braille in your own time/pace.
Seeing the puzzle all fit together.
The reading materials helped greatly.
Materials and feedback was excellent.
Speedy and helpful support from tutor.
Advancing my knowledge of Braille.
Reading materials - raised reading.
You got lots of time and material to practise.
Amount of revision.
It was a challenge which I enjoyed and will put to good use.
Learning Braille from home.
Doing the Braille.
I have enjoyed doing the stage assessments. I am not one for enjoying exams!
Support and explanations.
Good feedback and help from tutor when required.

What, if anything, could have been improved?

No mistakes in the course material and a bit more support. (2)
More examples in each section.
Pacing of stages to run with school holidays etc.
I would have liked more transcripts to check the Brailling exercises. (2)
More practice material that you could cross reference/check.
Communication with tutor, explanations of rules, organisation of exam paper - Part 1 missing.
Some of the explanations could have been more explicit or actual examples could have been included. This was done at the start of the course but not so much at the end. More practice material. (2)
The course material had some mistakes which I found, but sometimes this made it confusing.
More time for sections 9-11.

Any other comments regarding the course?

Really enjoyed learning but struggled with the grade 1 indicator? and the amount to learn in the Stage 12.
I really enjoyed the course and glad that I have worked through the assessments.
Thank you Alison for your support. ☺
I think this is very good and helpful for blind people.
I hope as this was the first year of the UEB course that the coursework is checked thoroughly and all mistakes/misprints corrected before being issued to new candidates.
It is a big jump from Grade 1 to Grade 2. Some of the wordsigns could have been included in Grade 1 or earlier to give more practise.
I would like to thank Alison for her amazing support.
I really enjoyed it.

Distance Learning

This course was delivered through distance learning - did you find this a good arrangement or would you have preferred a different mode of delivery? Please comment either way.

A couple of face-to-face sessions would have been beneficial.
Good arrangement (2).
I would have preferred to have had someone to talk through and explain in more detail when needed. I prefer to speak to and learn from someone face-to-face, as in a class.
Course was fine.
With email access to Alison I found this an excellent way for the course to be delivered.
Yes, meant it could be done at a more personal pace.
It was fine. Tutor emailed back straight away.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course, although there were quite a few mistakes/misprints in the coursework. I would have like someone to explain things face-to-face as I learn better that way than reading or waiting for an answer from the tutor.
Distance learning is fine.
I like distance learning. I have studied this course all in my own time. I am working full-time and a mother of 4, so I now have great time management.
This was fine.
I enjoyed the distance learning aspect.

Overall distance learning experience

How would you rate the overall learning experience? Excellent = 1, Poor = 5

Quality of learning materials


Feedback and support from tutor


Overall timescale for course


SSC Website

Have you made use of the website? If Yes,






Less Often

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How did you hear about this course?

Co-ordinator/Line Manager: 11
Colleague: 2
Other: 1 (had done Grade 1)
No response: 2

What other SSC CPD training would you find useful?

iPad training.
Beginners guide to VI.