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Batteries not Included - an exploration of issues in sex education and sexuality for people with multiple disabilities

Feedback / Questions and Answers / Course Evaluation

Additional material

Putting together a policy – where to get information?

Scottish Executive Guidance on Sex Education

Downs, C. and Craft, A. (1997) Sex in context, Pavilion Publishing, Brighton

RNIB (2000), Sexual Health Resources for Young People who are Blind or Partially Sighted

Current policies

What’s available in your schools?

We have included an Exemplar Policy , which has a number of key elements:

  • It starts from a position of being ‘sex-positive’, a policy that gives a clear message that people should be able to develop lifestyles of their choice, including having sexual relationships.
  • It states that the organisation’s role is to offer support, information and guidance.
  • Support offered should be proactive – we should not always wait for a problem to arise.
  • Support should be offered within the context of an individual’s preferred communication approaches and learning styles.
  • Support should be agreed in collaboration with others and central to this is the individual.
  • It tackles the issue of consent and offers guidance to staff how to conclude that consent is / is not being given.
  • It establishes a link with organisational policies on protection.
  • It gives clear guidance on the decision making process and recommends the establishment of a ‘Personal Planning Group’ so that individual staff are not acting alone.
  • It spells out the roles and responsibilities that are played by all concerned, giving clear guidance about the nature of any support of an intimate or sexual nature. This includes the responsibility of the organisation to offer support and training to its staff.
  • It encourages monitoring and review, with clear accountability and a record-keeping process.

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