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Sex Education; meeting the curricular challenges for young people with multiple disabilities, including sensory impairments

Tuesday 28 February 2006

Mary Foster - Biography

Mary taught in the special Education Sector in Derbyshire for sixteen years. She supported curriculum and policy development on Sexuality Education and taught children and young adults with severe learning disabilities and sensory impairments. For the past 15 years Mary has worked as a consultant for Sense, supporting children and adults with Multi-Sensory Impairment, their parents, carers, Intervenors and Educators on Personal Relationships and Sexuality issues both in the U.K. and overseas through training and direct support for individual programmes.

2004 saw the launch of an International Network on Sexuality Education at the 13th DbI (Deafblind International) Conference in Canada, initiated by Mary and Paul Hart (Sense Scotland) and a Network Event on Sexuality Education took place at the DbI European Conference in Slovakia 2005 where it was agreed to share case study information and resources to support the work across the world.

Any recommended texts or further reading for participants

Sex in Context: Ann Craft& Caroline Downs

'Safeguards, Strategies and Approaches Relating to the Sexuality of Children, Adolescents and Adults with Profound Multiple Impairments'.

'A Staff Development Programme Relating to the Sexuality of Children, Adolescents and Adults with Profound Multiple Impairments'. (Jan 1997)

Batteries Not Included – A sexuality resource pack for working with people with complex communication needs. Sense Scotland/FPA/Common Knowledge (Due to be published March 2004).

Signs of a Sexual Nature Martin D Colville (1985)

Taking the Fear out of Sex Education. Maurice Belote, Education Specialist
‘reSources Newsletter’ California Deaf-Blind Services. Summer 1997.

Introduction to Sexuality Education for Individuals Who are Deafblind and Significantly Developmentally Delayed. Kate Moss & Robbie Blaha (Sept.2001) and
DB-LINK -The National Information Clearing House on Children who are Deafblind