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Sex Education; meeting the curricular challenges for young people with multiple disabilities, including sensory impairments

Tuesday 28 February 2006

Course evaluation summary

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Overall Assessment:

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Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?

Will all be used in developing a Sex Education Policy.
Great ideas and resources to discuss at authority level. 
Will share what I have learned today with other school staff. Point people to resources.
As a teacher of VI pupils I will not be directly using much of the material from today but it has improved my skills and knowledge as a teacher and will enable me to make useful suggestions to mainstream teachers who wish to include VI pupils properly.

1. Introductory presentation
Very good, was a little shocked at lack of knowledge from the Government.
Lack of knowledge: presentation very good.
Useful ideas on attitudes. Need for whole staff training.
Staff discussion on PSE - PSD school programme.
Food for thought, set the scene.
As always access to others ideas stimulates and encourages.
Awareness of the work of Sense.
Very clear introduction to the day which gave information on resources which we may not have known about if we had not attended today.
Courgette story! Is it Scottish Herald?
David Stewart - fantastic, I could listen to him all day. Very motivating.
Excellent. A great speaker, great chair - many good reflections. Maybe I could use his style in my presentations in the future.
Very clear on the objectives of the day.
Hopefully implement it in the practice area.
Lots of good information.
Raised awareness to a novice - passing on to colleagues.
As an intro it has familiarised me with current legislations, policies etc.
'Bite the bullet' - no-one finds this subject easy to begin with. Be open and encourage discussion.
Excellent presentation - shared experiences and directed audience to resources.
Presentation in workplace for all 4 areas.
Good overview highlighting current issues.
Look at current policy and practice and update.
Set the scene and purpose of the day beautifully.
General information.
Take it all forward with teachers, OT, SLT in school to promote learning from age 5 up.
Discuss with own school staff.
Very good and indeed chaired well throughout the day.

2. Shepherd School Presentation
Excellent. Very knowledgeable.
Very interesting. Would like to see Bodyworks pack - would probably use this material for lessons.
A lot to take in - time to assimilate and look at my own course and improve it working on their lines.
Would like to look at Bodyworks in more detail. Could be very useful.
Use the ideas to initiate a Sex Education Policy.
Have taken screeds of notes and will digest these later.
Material produced was good. Talk was also very good.
The discussion on early learning (from 5 years old) was useful in the realisation on how it impacts on young adults and what resources are severely lacked in.
Reinforced learning, practical applications.
Really interesting.
Brilliant. Will offer this content to parents and schools which I currently visit and will be able to use this in the future.
The great difficulty involved in teaching the whole gamut of sex education on people with multiple difficulties.
Excellent resources, good links.
Braidburn - a new PPI school with 2 amalgamated schools need to produce a new PSD policy. A good place to start.
Closer inspection of self curriculum to assess if relevant for our particular students/children. Will access Bodyworks.
The Bodyworks book really sounds interesting and could help staff begin to take on board subject.
Very useful.
Bodyworks - ideas are practical and relevant to my current situation.
Encourage whole school approach. Child-centred needs across all curricular areas.
Excellent, shared experiences and directed audience to resources.
Look at and likely order resources.
Would be very interested to get hold of their publication.
Interesting to look at early approaches to sex education - how issues should be addressed in relationships at an early stage.
Update current SRE programmes, using some of the information and experiences described in presentation.
Use a similar method of preparing a programme for pupils in S3 to S6 with additional support needs.
Useful for knowing about resources that have been developed and could be useful for ongoing support for individuals and training.
Consider their framework with reference to our own school  provision.
Interesting - would have benefited from having less bits of paper - presentation could have been better.

3. Good Practice across the UK
Good, lots to think about from various resources.
Very good to hear from different schools.
Remember to keep simple and look for the obvious! Good ideas re lights etc. Will send for 'What Mary can do' and hope to develop similar materials.
Discussion again in school - access if possible resources.
Take some of the ideas, modify/share ideas with others in other services who are in need of resources.
Will access the 'Mary' story and adapt. Will make use of the policy on personal relationships and sexuality.
The overall use of visual effects and sound, I may be able to use resources such as PowerPoint, etc to develop my future input into development of staff.
Useful examples that will make useful anecdotes to training.
All excellent presentations - loved the book.
Very good - endorsement of things already in practice which is always good.
Good exchange of ideas, very interested in CD Rom.
Raised awareness of intimate care policies - especially gender sensitive.
Lots of good ideas - great networking and ability to learn from others' experiences.
Hope to take forward various ideas.
Very interesting - highlights my need for Staff Development.
Very useful.
All presentations were enlightening and offered good practical evidence.
Lots of good practical ideas - very encouraging. Use 'talking books' whenever possible, eg; menstruation.
Very good to hear/share experiences.
Share practice. Take and adapt ideas, resources.
Very interesting ideas.
Share information.
Interesting to hear other experiences of teaching of SRE.
Very interesting and helpful ideas which can be put into practice in the classroom.
Ideas and resources and approaches to be shared with others and will support work with individuals.
Relay information to teachers and support staff.
All of the presentations made you think about the difficult job they have in trying to support their pupils many/differing needs, and how innovative they have been in creating materials to do so.

4. Afternoon Workshops
Common Knowledge workshops - will look at the website and can see this being useful for parents/families/pupils in school.
Hope to develop use of technology and personal skills.
Super ideas around supporting people with intimate care that involves training which hopefully leads to education.
Stimulating ideas, will definitely plug into Common Knowledge - access to online resources sounds very interesting.
Not enough time.
The group exercise allowed our group from various learning areas to come together to discuss the ways in which we move forward.
Good practice sharing.
Very interesting to hear about children and how sex education is taught in Scottish schools as I work in Adult Services in the south.
Excellent - as this was most appropriate to myself.
Interesting, learned about Common Knowledge and their website looks a useful tool.
It's a shame time ran out.
Common Knowledge - inspiring - hope to take it back to school and use with school leavers' group.
I am relatively new into this area of education, coming from a 20 year background of mainstream subject teaching. I found all of the above thought-provoking and very informative and it will certainly enhance my own teaching of deafblind children.
Would have been good to have more time for discussion.
Very useful.
Common Knowledge - access for our older pupils would be excellent.
Discussion is vital - staff with staff and staff with parents. Use hand-over-hand for personal care and proper names for body parts.
Deafblind - great points discussed about general and intimate care handling.
Explore Common Knowledge, how/if/where material can be incorporated into policies and curriculum.
Not enough time!
Share of information and networking.
Go back to school and use ideas and resources in school - adapt to fit pupil group in centre.
The need for whole staff development.
Net working.
Useful for both training and work with people who are deafblind.
Dissemination to working group in the school.
People were just beginning to open up and talk about their own personal difficulties with their own establishment and seeking support from the others - when we had to join with the larger group. This session could have been longer if only we had had the time.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?
Finding out how little sex education seems to be happening in out schools - we're in the forefront of development! Need to work more in friends/hips for pupils. What an amazing 'light lunch'.
Everyone had so much to give and were willing to share their ideas. The idea of making it fun.
Angela Mallet's piece on Bodyworks. Mary Foster's example and approach. Mary Lee and Jane Eyre in afternoon workshops.
The variety of presentations.
Excellent ideas but realism about challenges.
Networking, good venue, good content. Realisation that we all share similar concerns and problems and hearing how others have dealt with them.
Frank, open discussion of issues we need to deal with.
The whole day was excellent.
The opportunity to hear the variety of presentations.
The inter-agency and networking was invaluable for me and left me feeling very much supported.
Variety of contributions, inspiring work from Scottish schools. Sensory story telling was a great idea for S+R work.
Practice sharing - meeting people from different places.
Enhanced existing belief and knowledge.
Practical. Good positive advice. Very professionally delivered, very positive with humour.
Information and exchange of ideas.
All equally good but especially David Stewart, Mary Foster, Olwynne Clark, Paul Hart.
Lots of information relevant to my school and situation and networking essential!
Raised awareness of absolute necessity of an individual and comprehensive sexual education for each young person. Inspired confidence in the teaching of the subject.
Being able to listen to other people's experiences.
Learning from others.
An opportunity to benefit from expertise of good working practice. The morning session was particularly useful.
The variety of approaches shown all had common themes and were very positive and inspiring.
Pace of event and being able to discuss issues/concerns.
Hearing and seeing experience and good practice. Meeting colleagues.
Networking, learning about resources.
It has highlighted the problems and allow us to see that we are not alone.
Openness and practicality of issues.
Networking and speaking with other establishments. Good to view resources and hear how others had used them.
The relevancy of the material presented. The opportunity to see up-to-date resource material.
The open attitude of speakers and audience in dealing with a potentially difficult subject. I couldn't possibly choose one element out of an excellent programme.
Meeting other people.
Hearing about the really positive attitudes to working in this area. People's creativity and determination to find solutions.
Input from a wide area, ie; Scotland and UK. Discussion points and learning new information, eg Common Knowledge.
Practical tips given by presenters, however we need to expand on this.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?
Nothing. (x3)
Start earlier and finish earlier, but we were lucky with traffic coming in.
It contained so much!
Possibly a little more interaction though not sure what?
Q/A sessions at the end of each presentation or perhaps a forum - but even then you'd have to lose 'speaker' time - which would be unfortunate.
Time - we could have started at 10 am.
It could have been longer - an earlier start maybe - albeit I had to leave at the crack of midnight. It was really worthwhile.
Nothing, all excellent. Perhaps group work to discuss issues.
Nothing - would have loved more but need another session.
Detailed handouts on each presentation.
More time for discussion. (x4)
More opportunity for small group discussions (only had a few minutes at end of workshop in afternoon). Possibly run course over 2 days?
Extending the course to perhaps once per year - in-school visits/in-service days.
Little more time to 'try out' some resources.
Longer period to chat/meet delegates.
It would have merited 2 days.
Longer course and time to explore issues in depth.
Too much information crammed in!

Any other comments regarding the course?
Very well done to all speakers.
A very interesting day - might be interesting to repeat in 12 months and hear progression from different people.
An earlier start - better part of the day to get to venue and enable to attend full course - get transport home.
Enjoyable, appeared people wanted to be there. A definite feel that people were committed to this which is infectious.
Very informative day in an excellent venue.
Almost too much in a short time. An awareness that those I work with will still have difficulties accessing - and I'll have even more challenges to assist them in their access!
We need to have more of these events.
The course content allowed us to discuss homophobic attitudes and some of the restrictions that we face.
Very interesting, thoroughly enjoyed day! Thanks.
Fantastic - thank you.
It could be used again in an identical manner. Maybe specific advice and demo of practical 'nitty gritty' activities to help staff overcome any embarrassments.
Fab facilities - excellent lunch.
Great to see resources before buying and to see homemade resources! A truly excellent day with excellent speakers, obviously pioneers in their field. Inspiring.  Thank you.
Highlighted the dedication and professionalism of all speakers involved.
I hope networking will enable good practice to expand and to share resources.
Excellent venue. Very well prepared presenters. Great willingness to share.
I look forward to the discussions about how we can take this forward. Good to attend an event relevant to pupils with multiple disability.
One of the few courses I've attended that looked specifically at real issues, for those with a disability.
The possibility of sharing resources.
Best CPD I've done in ages.
I was very pleased to have the opportunity to attend this conference and I found it very useful and informative. Thank you to all those who organised it!
Very enjoyable - good opportunities to network.
"There is a lot of work still to be done".

Location and Venue

Convenient location for this course: No Response 5; Yes 31; No

Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Convenience of venue


Quality of venue


Likely to attend if venue was used again: No Response 4; Likely 31; Less Likely 1

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?
Friendships and relationships seems to be a possible topic!
Communication. Bereavement.
Not sure if relevant, but the opportunity to share some of the curriculum design which is going on over the country - we all seem to be inventing our own wheels, perhaps we could build a bike shed of wheels which we could withdraw from and adapt.
We need more opportunities to come together again perhaps with more time for group discussion and sharing of ideas.
Further development in the area covered today.
Practising - implementation of appropriate sessions.
More of the same - please!
In-School staff development. Help in providing information for staff.
Any opportunities like this to disseminate good practice, resources etc.
A follow-up course next year.
Hands on/practical/role play etc, experience of some of the training and resources.
Use of various Access Units.
Visiting schools, sharing practice, networking resources.
An annual training event of today's content would be useful, both the keep updated with developments and allow other staff in school to attend.
Continue with theme.
Sex Education for children with disabilities is a very emotive topic and one that we have addressed in partnership with the parents.  With that in mind perhaps we should be thinking about courses for parents.

Outcomes Assessment
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your professional and personal attributes