University of Edinburgh

Creative and multi-sensory approaches to teaching music for pupils with additional support needs & MDVI

Presented on Wednesday 18 March 2009


by Jill Reeves

Part 1
Narrator - Jill


Once upon a time on Arthur's Seat
All was quiet, all was sweet.
The birds were singing in the trees,
The flowers were swaying in the breeze.



Class 2 came to look around
Saw the 'Lion', sleeping sound.
They felt the grass and smelled the air
All was peaceful everywhere


grass, air freshener

Quiet music / sounds Amy - bell desk chimes
Kyle - bells desk chimes on tray
But if you visit Arthur's Seat
It isn't always such a treat
There's something that you need to know
It is in fact a VOLCANO!


Janis - hand cymbals

And what would happen if one day
The 'Lion" woke, began to play -
Twitched its whiskers, shook its fur
Stretched its limbs and gave a ROAR!


echo ROAR with mics

Extract from 'Lion sleeps tonight' shake maracas, sign and sign, shake (Track 1)
Narrator - Janis  

Then all of a sudden on Arthur's Seat
There's a rumbling and a grumbling beneath our feet
The hillside trembled, the hillside shook
Class 2 thought they'd take a look.

Kyle - thunder drum, Amy - drum
shake chairs

Ross can hear a gurgling sound
Coming from beneath the ground

switch 'thick gurgling lava' (track 2)
Kyle hears it too, what can it be?
Molten magma under me?
switch 'interior of volcano' (track 3)
And all around a horrid smell
Like torren eggs; things are not well
smell (eggs)
Hope is listening very hard,
The noise gets louder, we're all on guard!
switch 'multiple volcano sounds' (track 4)

But now the sound has died away,
Perhaps it's safe to go and play?
Oh no! The rumbling comes back stronger,
It roars and roars and lasts much longer.

Amy - drum, Kyle - thunder drum
Ross, Kyle, Hope - switches
Matthew - piano on switch (track 5)

Now our chairs begin to shake
A Richter 10 volcanic quake!
Wibble wobble, side to side,
Upa nd down, it's quite a ride

shake chairs!
Craig waves his arms up in the air
Smoke and ash are everywhere
fling 'smoke and ash'
Matthew shouts out very loud
It's time to run and join the crowd
switch 'shout' (track 6)
Matthew runs in chair

Amy finds she can't sit still
And follows Matthew down the hill

Amy runs in chair

The ground begins to rip and tear,
The smell of sulphur's everywhere,
Hold your breath and hold your nose
the cracks beneath your toes
Smoke and flames from fiery ducts
Watch out! Take care! The Lion ERUPTS!




Jill - CD (track 7)