University of Edinburgh

Creative and multi-sensory approaches to teaching music for pupils with additional support needs & MDVI

Presented on Wednesday 18 March 2009


by Jill Reeves

Part II Parachute activity to 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' (track 8) representing volcanic eruption - use yellow and red balls for lava meteorites - then red tinsel balls for end.

All shout VOLCANO!


Bubbling, boiling, molten lava
Bizzing, frothing, red hot Cava
Tumbling down the mountainside,
Rocks and boulders flung out wide.
Lava flows, a scarlet river
Smoke and ash above us quiver.
Fster, faster, rushing down
Burning, burning all around.
Twisting, turning, hither and thither
A scorching path a boiling river


Dance to 'Burn Baby Burn - Disco Inferno'

(track 9) 'fire' pom-poms

Till at last the lava cools
Slows and stills in steaming pools.
The journey ends as one by one,
Stones turn cold, or story's done.


Music 'Lake of Lava'

(track 10)
bubbles, blue gauzy fabric

And what would happen if one day
The 'Lion" woke, began to play -
Twitched its whiskers, shook its fur
Stretched its limbs and gave a ROAR!


echo ROAR with mics


In the Hall of the Mountain King (Parachute activity)

1. 4 slow bars
counting in 4

slow tapping


2. 4 slow bars
counting in 4

slow walking, pushing chairs clockwise


3. 4 slow bars
counting in 4

2 bars into circle, pick up parachute
2 bars out of circle, holding parachute


4. 12 bars (fast)
counting in 8

4 bars parachute tapping on knees
4 bars parachute tapping on tummy
4 bars parachute shaken in front


5. 4 bars (faster)
counting in 8

shake on knees
shake on tummy
shake out front
shake up high


6. 4 bars (very fast)
counting in 8

parachute up and down
slow and strong


6. 4 bars (frantic)
counting in 8

add balls - shake parachute low down


Last section

On 'explosions', flip balls out parachute