University of Edinburgh

Sensory Play and Learning

Presented on Friday, 11 March 2011


Judy Denziloe is a qualified trainer and author, specialising in play and sensory work with disabled children. Having started one of the first toy libraries in 1972, all her working life has been devoted to ensuring that disabled children have access to the same range of play opportunities as their peers. Much of Judy's work involves encouraging staff in early years, childcare and education to include disabled children in their settings and sharing simple, exciting, low-cost ideas for play and learning materials. 

This course is relevant to people who have access to multisensory equipment or sensory rooms, but the emphasis is on the creation of simple, low-cost resources. The aims of the course were to enable participants to:

  • consider the importance of sensory work as a powerful tool in our interaction with children, and the use of sensory work to encourage communication, learning and decision making;
  • explore ways of structuring sensory sessions, including developing themes and sensory stories;
  • consider the use of multisensory equipment and simple sensory environments for play and learning;
  • gather ideas to develop low-cost sensory materials.

Target Audience: Parents, carers, staff and volunteers who are interested in using sensory work with young children, children with VI or complex needs.

Presenters: Judy Denziloe, AFL Training, Surrey
Janis Sugden, Coordinator, SSC