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Sensory Play and Learning

Presented on Friday, 11 March 2011

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How will you use what you have learned today?

I have learnt a lot of things today. I will share everything I've learned with my colleagues throughout the School.
I will share this with my work colleagues and practise this myself.
Share with colleagues - teachers and classroom assistants. Make handouts available in school. Make and use with my pupils.
In everyday practice - thought I had 'Blue Peter' skills until I came today.
Will use all the knowledge I have gained in my everyday practice; also at a lower cost!
I will feedback into to my colleagues and try to develop sensory sessions for our young people no matter what stage they are at.
By incorporating some items and ideas into the work I do with parents and childcare staff.
There are so many ideas for my work in early years and also for adapting for work with older children with additional support needs (ASN). Loved the sensory stories in particular!
In everyday work with children and families - I work with visually impaired babies and young children.
The information today will be so useful and valuable in my role. I can pass this information on to parents as well as playgroups/nursery settings and schools.
I will take this back to the unit I work with to use sensory play with children with disabilities. I will hopefully set up a sensory room with ideas from today's course.
I will be able to make and use a lot of the low-cost sensory resources that we saw today.
I work with children with ASN in various contexts - now I have a bank of ideas for resources I could use during my nursery and home visits.
How to be resourceful rather than going to great expense. How to supplement existing materials and bring them alive.
Straight away on Monday! So much that can go into practice, use for CPD time, share with colleagues ... the list goes on!
Some really good simple ideas which I will definitely be using to enhance learning within my class.
To develop new resources within our sensory group sessions.
Excellent ideas for play sessions.
Lots of practical ideas that I will use for everyday teaching! Also lots of cost solving ideas and ideas on how to make things.
I have just started a new job as a sensory support teacher, so will certainly be using all the strategies to enhance my teaching and learning of visually impaired pupils.
In practice/staff development/handouts to complex schools, home visits/nurseries.

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Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?

Everything, but I loved the sensory things, what we can buy and make.
The sensory ideas are amazing; the things we can make now will really be cost effective and so useful for our children.
Very practical. Exactly what I wanted.
Judy’s knowledge and ability to relate items to specific cases. Great ideas particularly to broaden from young children to adults and elderly people with varying conditions.
The whole day. Amazing and informative!
Learning about all the inexpensive equipment available and where to access it.
All information/resources were practical/appropriate and relevant.
Willingness to share so many ideas for resources. Additional information on handouts.
The sharing of ideas and excellent handouts - I will share with the nurseries my babies go to.
The best thing was being able to actually see all the toys and equipment - how they could be used and how some of them were made.
All the different equipment and ideas and where to get things, and how to make items cheaper than can be bought from shops that sell equipment for disabilities which tend to be very expensive.
The range of resources and ideas that I can use during my work with young children with ASN.
Manageable resources, ideas how to use them and who with. Practical advice.
Manner of delivery was first rate.
The mass of toys, ideas, packs etc on display. A real feeling of shared wisdom and experience.
Very concise, easy to follow and really well paced - I remained focused throughout.
Judy was so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and willing to share many, many practical ideas. Very creative and useful for a wide client base.
Manner of presentations - enthusiasm is catching.
It is hard to find courses specifically for teachers working with severe and complex needs - this was exactly what I needed as a teacher with only a few years of experience working with complex needs.
The Presenter. Wow! Fantastic. Resources were brilliant!
Display of ideas.
Knowledge of Presenter. Resources on show. Hands-on with resources being passed around.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

Nothing - everything was great.
Nothing - everything was brilliant.
Just include the time to make everything!!
Nothing. (5)
It would have been very helpful to have had a good chance to have hands-on time with the materials.
I can’t think of any improvements that could be made.
Nothing, it was very informative.
A bit less time sitting - maybe explore things by moving around more.
Maybe a bit more of a workshop nature? Discussion with people participating (however - I do understand it has been a very intense day, so it would probably have to be extended to 2 days).
At times it seemed like an inventory of resources which is very impressive but at times bordered on overload. Perhaps some footage of sessions would have been helpful and given us a breather.
Nothing at all. I only wish it was a compulsory course for everyone!
Absolutely nothing!

Any other comments regarding the course?

I will be going back to School to talk to the staff about the course.
I would love to be kept up-to-date with any new ideas.
More of the same please.
Really enjoyed the course. Great ideas and money saving resources. Finding specialist courses in Scotland is difficult and SSC avoids travelling further afield. Also affordable courses allow us to participate.
Very enjoyable day and excellent training which relates to many disabilities.
This was a fun and interesting course - explained well by an approachable trainer who encouraged interaction from everyone.
It is very, very well pitched; excellent, practical and extremely useful.
Very enjoyable.
Very good and worthwhile.
It would be great if there were more courses like this one. I often find it rather frustrating as there’s not that much on offer for professionals working with complex needs. This course has been fantastic.
It was truly inspiring and provided insight into a creative approach that can be applied on a number of levels.
Judy presented fantastically - lovely manner and speaking ability.
Really useful and great information sheets.
An extremely valuable, stimulating and practical/realistic course to be recommended!
More like this - brilliant.
Fantastic presentation - really enjoyed it all.
I am in awe!
Excellent - more please.
Well organised/targeted audience.

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Couldn’t be without it!
Keep going.

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What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

Any other courses on sensory would be good to know.
Any courses that will benefit our special needs children.
Something in the West area?
More training on Cortical visual impairment (CVI) issues for work within mainstream settings.
Would like to have similar day for parents.
More training about sensory and informed play or learning would be great.
Early interactions?
Developing play, social interactions.
SSC currently caters perfectly for CPD needs.
More of the same, interactive sector specific CPD which would enhance learning for very highly dependent learners.
Lots of other courses relating to how to engage with the more complex (needs) children.
Keep going with varied programme provided each year.

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