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Working with Pupils with a Dual Sensory Impairment or Deaf Pupils with Complex Needs

Presented on Wednesday 26 November 2008

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How will you use what you have learned today?

In my work with in-service teachers and teachers currently in initial teacher education - to raise awareness of pupils with dual sensory impairment.
Inform HI staff of all the data and use ideas in my own work place.
Look more carefully at diagnosis therefore improving learning outcomes for individual pupils.
Learning of the different syndromes this morning and working with Deafblind this afternoon.
I will use this knowledge when visiting and working with pupils who have complex needs or Dual Sensory Impairment.
Discuss with team and use tips in daily practice with young people.
I will be able to use some of the communication/assessment ideas with a couple of pupils in my case load.
I will share knowledge gained with other colleagues within the school I work at, and try to apply some of the ideas shared within class.
I will be more aware of underlying, complex needs that a child may have and be aware that various tests etc need to be carried out before there is a diagnosis.
Lots of ideas for me to use with a 4 year old with complex needs and severely brain damaged - been at a bit of a loss up to now.
I will have better understanding of child's difficulties with certain syndromes.
Reflect on current practice and modify! Discuss with colleagues.
Today has been very helpful for my personal knowledge and understanding. Morning session encouraged me to continue to bring about change - city wide in practice - for HI/VI children.

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What was best about the course/event?

The practical recommendations and case-studies addressed during the afternoon sessions.
The valuable, practical information given on all the relevant aspects of teaching.
The presentations were both excellent - it's always helpful to network with colleagues and share experience.
Good information about references and good examples and suggestions.
Afternoon was very interesting for me.
Videos and case note discussions.
Information about practical applications such as object reference, hand and body signing. Video of children - very practical and useful to see.
Ideas for strategies on working with children which I look forward to trying out. Also increased knowledge and understanding of whole area of complex needs.
Morning was more relevant to my teaching as I work with deaf.
Both presentations were excellent. Handouts very good. Ideas for developing useful strategies. Jane reinforced strategies that could improve Deafblind communications.
Very interesting speakers - knowledgeable and willing to share personal experience.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

Additional day/half day to elaborate!
Even more information on practical ideas/application.
More time.

Any other comments regarding the course?

This course would also have been very appropriate for TVIs - I would have taken Deaf out of the title.
More courses like this would inspire teachers to be more pro-active in their approach!
Good facilities, good lunch. Appropriate length of presentations.
Very clear, with a range of information covering a wide range of issues.
Raised awareness of good publications and websites which would be useful.
Would like to focus on deaf Autism Course more deeply.

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How did you hear about this course?

SSC CPD Brochure/leaflets. (7)
Visiting Specialist/Line Manager: (4)
Via school/service. (3)

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

Investigating resources and programmes of work for pupils with HI and complex needs combined. Website of useful (tried and tested?) materials would be excellent.
Addressing issues of pupils with complex needs and sensory impairment. Noise intolerance issues?
Practitioner sessions - curriculum developments, especially literacy.

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