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You can discuss:
Current speech and language therapy work with your child
Progress your child is making in speech and language therapy
Any concerns you may have about your child’s speech and language development
Speech and Language Therapy Reports
 Ideas and ways you can help your child’s speech and language development

Useful contacts and websites
National Deaf Children’s Society
( Telephone: 020 7490 8656
North London Deaf Children’s Society
 ( Telephone: 020 7638 3784
We work with children to develop their language and communication, lip-reading and speech-reading ability, listening skills, voice and speech.
We work closely with school staff to deliver group, individual and programme work. We also provide advice and monitoring on each child’s progress.
We liaise with other professionals  and services including: Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Audiology Clinics and Cochlear Implant Centres.
 We provide therapy as appropriate  based on assessment findings and discussion with the class teacher.
We meet regularly with class teachers and support staff  to plan and discuss therapy.
 We assess each child’s communication and write a speech and language therapy report for the annual review. Our report is shared with parents/carers, teachers, GPs, and other professionals.
We contribute to each child’s individual education plan and progress report with the class teacher and deaf instructor.
We contribute to each child’s statement of special     educational needs
We offer parents/carers the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress at the annual review meeting or at another time by appointment.
We welcome parents/ carers to be involved in their child’s therapy and  to work together with therapists to develop communication  at home.
We provide specific training for parents/carers in communication development.
We provide training related to speech and language therapy for school staff and other professionals.
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