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SSC/Adept Conference

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Aiming higher for deaf students - What works? What could work?


  • Raising achievement (academic and other outcomes of education)
  • Access to curriculum and assessment for deaf learners
  • Citizenship for deaf students - involvement in decision making
  • Creativity and raising achievement with deaf learners

The organising group is happy to continue to accept abstracts for posters until 8th June 2017.

Guidelines for a poster presentation:

The poster presentations should be on a paper measuring a maximum of 1m/1.25m (no larger than paper size A0). The poster should include the title of your presentation and details of the organisations represented and people involved. The font size used should be 30 or larger. It is best to limit the amount of information on the poster so that it can be easily read and assimilated by other participants.

Organisational headings for a research poster:

  • Background to the project
  • Methods Used
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

But if the poster is not about a research project the headings may be:

  • Background
  • Description of Activities
  • Challenges
  • Outcomes
  • Recommendations

There is a helpful poster seminar on the University of Leicester website:

There is a range of software to help create your poster, for example:

If you want further guidance, please do not hesitate to contact Rachel O’Neill.


The poster sessions will be on display in the designated area for the duration of the conference. Participants will be free to read them during the breaks.

A poster presentation session will also be held over lunch time. Poster presenters are requested to stand by their posters during this time to explain their projects to interested participants.

Scientific committee: Frankie McLean, Rachel O'Neill, Dr Marian Grimes, Dr Ben Matthews, Alison Buchan, Prof John Ravenscroft.

Deadline for posters: 8th June 2017