University of Edinburgh

Audiology Refresher 2

Presented in November, 2002

BKB Standard Sentence Lists

Sentence List 1

The clown had a funny face.
The car engine’s running.
She cut with her knife.
Children like strawberries.
The house had nine rooms.
They’re buying some bread.
The green tomatoes are small.
They’re looking at the clock.

He played with his train.
The postman shut the gate.
The bag bumps on the ground.
The boy did a handstand.
A cat sits on the bed.
The lorry carried fruit.
The rain came down.
The ice cream was pink.

Sentence List 2

The ladder’s near the door.
They had a lovely day.
The ball went into the goal.
The old gloves are dirty.
He cut his finger.
The thin dog was hungry.
The boy knew the game.
Snow falls at Christmas.

She’s taking her coat.
The police chased the car.
A mouse ran down the hole.
The lady’s making a toy.
Some sticks were under the tree.
The little baby sleeps.
They’re watching the train.
The school finished early.

Sentence List 3

The glass bowl broke.
The dog played with a stick.
The kettle’s quite hot.
The farmer keeps a bull.
They say some silly things.
The lady wore a coat.
The children are walking home.
He needed his holiday.

The milk came in a bottle.
The man cleaned his shoes.
They ate the lemon jelly.
The boy’s running away.
Father looked at the book.
She drinks from her cup.
The room’s getting cold.
A girl kicked the table.

Sentence List 4

The wife helped her husband.
The machine was quite noisy.
The old man worries.
A boy ran down the path.
The house had a nice garden.
She spoke to her son.
They’re crossing the street.
Lemons grow on trees.

He found his brother.
Some animals sleep on straw.
The jam jar was full.
They’re kneeling down.
The girl lost her doll.
The cook’s making a cake.
The child grabs the toy.
The mud stuck on his shoe.

Sentence List 5

The bath towel was wet.
The matches lie on the shelf.
They’re running past the house.
The train had a bad crash.
The kitchen sink’s empty.
A boy fell from the window.
She used her spoon.
The park’s near the road.
The cook cut some onions.
The dog made an angry noise.
He’s washing his face.
Somebody took the money.
The light went out.
They wanted some potatoes.
The naughty girl’s shouting.
The cold milk’s in a jug.

Sentence List 6

The paint dripped on the ground.
The mother stirs the tea.
They laughed at his story.
Men wear long trousers.
The small boy was asleep.
The sun melted the snow.
The father’s coming home.
She had her pocket money.

The lorry drove up the road.
He’s bringing his raincoat.
The lady goes to the shop.
A sharp knife’s dangerous.
They took some food.
The clever girls are reading.
The broom stood in the corner.
The woman tidied her house.

Sentence List 7

The children dropped the bag.
The dog came back.
The floor looked clean.
She found her purse.
The fruit lies on the ground.
Mother fetches a saucepan.
They washed in cold water.
The young people are dancing.

The bus went early.
They had two empty bottles.
A ball’s bouncing along.
The father forgot the bread.
The girl has a picture book.
The orange was quite sweet.
He’s holding his nose.
The new road’s on the map.

Sentence List 8

The boy forgot his book.
A friend came for lunch.
The match boxes are empty.
He climbed his ladder.
They heard a funny noise.
The jug stood on the shelf.
The ball broke the window.
They’re shopping for cheese.

The family bought a house.
The pond water’s dirty.
Police are clearing the road.
The bus stopped suddenly.
She writes to her brother.
The footballer lost a boot.
The three girls are listening.
The coat lies on a chair.

Sentence List 9

The book tells a story.
The young boy left home.
They’re climbing the tree.
She stood near her window.
The table has three legs.
A letter fell on the mat.
The five men are working.
The shoes were very dirty.

He listens to his father.
They went on holiday.
Baby broke his mug.
The lady packed her bag.
The dinner plate’s hot.
The train’s moving fast.
The child drank some milk.
The car hit a wall.

Sentence List 10

A tea towel’s by the sink.
The cleaner used a broom.
She looked in her mirror.
The good boy’s helping.
They followed the path.
The kitchen clock was wrong.
Someone’s crossing the road.
The postman brings a letter.

The dog jumped on the chair.
They’re cycling along.
He broke his leg.
The milk was by the front door.
The shirts hang in the cupboard.
The ground was too hard.
The buckets hold water.
The chicken laid some eggs.

Sentence List 19

The family like fish.
Sugar’s very sweet.
The baby lay on a rug.
The washing machine broke.
They’re clearing the table.
The cleaner swept the floor.
A grocer sells butter.
The milkman drives a small van.

The bath water was warm.
He’s reaching for his spoon.
She hurt her hand.
The boy slipped on the stairs.
They’re staying for supper.
The girl held a mirror.
The cup stood on a saucer.
The cows went to market.

Sentence list 20

The boy got into trouble.
They’re going out.
The football hit the goalpost.
He paid his bill.
The teacloth’s quite wet.
A cat jumped off the fence.
The baby has blue eyes.
Mother made some curtains.

They sat on a wooden bench.
The oven’s too hot.
The girl caught a cold.
The raincoat’s hanging up.
She brushed her hair.
The two children are laughing.
The man tied his scarf.
The flower stands in a pot.