University of Edinburgh

Improving BSL Skills Workshop - using non-manual features

Presented on 27 February 2002

Scenarios for role plays - Judith's working group

Scenario one
(One person plays the social worker and the other plays Betty.) Betty has been to the doctor's and she is now explaining to the social worker what she told the doctor and why she is unhappy with the response. Betty has explained to the doctor that she has a mole on her hand. It has become bigger and looks as if it is infected in some way. The doctor says he wants to take a sample to make sure that it is not cancerous. Betty thinks it should be removed straight away and can't understand why the doctor won't do this.

Scenario two
An individual deaf person wants help in knowing whether laser treatment for her/his eyes is dangerous or not. S/he wants to understand exactly what will happen. You discuss what is involved.

Scenario three
Interview between a teacher and a mother. The teacher is concerned that a child has bruising and other signs of physical abuse - Black eye, cuts, etc. The teacher discusses this with the mother and the mother admits that her partner has been physically abusive to both her and the child.