University of Edinburgh

Scottish Sensory Centre Residential Conference

Friday, 24th and Saturday, 25th March, 2006

Language and Deaf Education: Into the 21st Century

at Dunblane Hydro, Dunblane

‘By recognising the child as, in effect, a ‘little linguist’ we are also recognising the power and effectiveness of the child’s linguistic capacity’
Dr Mary Brennan, 1999

‘We are now at the threshold of significant progress in improving deaf education. We need to learn from the past, but not dwell on our earlier assumptions and misconceptions. We need to look ahead, but carefully consider the underpinnings of educational interventions if we are to optimize deaf students’ opportunities for academic success and lifelong learning’
Professor Marc Marschark, 2005

120 people attended this conference at Dunblane Hydro in Perthshire.