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Boosting Maths Skills in Deaf Children

Presented on 24 April 2008

Course evaluation summary

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Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?

Actually teaching division/multiplication to S1 so will employ methods spoken about today.
I will engage with the primary to see if we could do some collaborative work and also try out some methods with my access pupils.
Use the resources with all our P1 (may be pre-schoolers). Use board games and leave them in homes. Check our P1s have these foundation blocks and then work on them. Highlight importance of maths in the early years.
Greater focus on helping children to learn the logic behind numbers.
Working with teachers involved in teaching maths to deaf children.
We shall be very interested in taking this research forward and offer our support.
Today's course reminded me of the importance of using visual and concrete material with deaf pupils.
Useful to think more thoroughly about how pupils (hearing and deaf) think about the most basic concepts. Try to use concrete materials with deaf pupils. Will be more careful when using computers with young pupils.
Rethink approaches to teaching in some areas of maths curriculum.
I will use some of the resources when received with my class.
Title of course misleading. The content of the information leaflet did not reflect the content of the course. Early intervention not useful to secondary teachers.
I shall use it to undertake a mini research project.
Not sure - will have to think and study materials.
Put into practice in school.
Adapt way I approach +/- with P1 pupils.
In tutorial work.
Ideas for resources (2).

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Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?

Being able to use materials.
Checking out materials and hearing how research was done.
What understanding pupils need early on to then be able to understand more complex problems.
Being able to see the actual materials referred to.
Insights into research. Importance of research.
Presentation - clarity of delivery and content of presentation.
Up to date and relevant to concerns that our team have expressed. Identifies skills to think about for future research discussion and working practice.
The information was well presented.
Clear, well presented research findings.
Enjoyed discussion of theory and research.
Finding out about research and being offered the chance to participate.
Relevance to my practice. Examples using real children on video.
Research methods.
Discussion with colleagues and presenter.
Realising not just my pupils had problems.
The resource packs (2).

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

All aspects were good.
Clarity at what pupils the intervention was aimed at.
Materials available to all participants - would have gladly paid for these.
Materials made available to all participants very important.
It would have been useful to have examples of work with older children although I do understand why it was done at an early age.
Less time looking over the materials - this would have allowed the day to be (at least) an hour shorter!
Ideas to take away and try with pupils.
Demonstration by Professor Nunes on use of sample of materials. Also idea of timescale of use, eg, how long spent on each game - how many sessions, etc.
More movement, eg, co-operative learning methods. Too much sitting/listening.
Less time looking at materials, more about 7-11 age group.

Any other comments regarding the course?

Programme before day would have been useful.
Very enjoyable.
I would like to see/hear about mathematics and secondary pupils concrete to abstract difficulties.
Thank you for an excellent presentation. Most interesting and informative!
Felt more practical ideas/guidance helpful. Title boosting maths skills indicated more practical ideas.

Location and Venue

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What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

Anything else on mainstream maths involving deafness.
Maths for deaf pupils in the secondary dept and linking into Curriculum for Excellence.
Language and literacy development. Assessment.
National Testing - new tests and expectations for HI pupils.
Modify materials/resources for deaf children.
Imaginative writing for deaf children.
Hands-on audiological demonstrations and workshops.
More info about secondary maths issues.
Looking at assessment materials for deaf.

Outcomes Assessment

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