University of Edinburgh

Using Film more effectively in the teaching and assessing of Deaf Pupils (ICT Workshops)

Presented on Tuesday 28 April 2009


Increasingly the value of film as a medium for producing learning resources for deaf young people is being realised. However, often the main barrier to us creating these types of visual resources is our knowledge and confidence with respect to using the necessary equipment and software. Also now that many deaf young people are choosing to record their responses to their SQA examination on film the requirement for teacher of these young people to be aware of how to produce a good quality film has increased. This course consisted of a choice two workshops:

Workshop 1: am - Effective use of video camera interfacing with a PC (positioning, lighting, etc)
pm - Making movies using Windows Movie maker (editing film and adding text)

OR Workshop 2: Subtitling your own films - will provide a full-day opportunity to become familiar with the process of adding subtitles to your own films using free downloadable subtitling software.

Target Audience: Workshop option 1 is a basic beginner course and Workshop option 2 is for those who have already made their own film resources but would like to add subtitles.

Presenters: John Brownlie, Deaf Connections Glasgow;
Paul Tippling, Deaf Tutor, Garvel Deaf Centre; and
Barrie Barreto, SITC, Edinburgh University

Course materials: