University of Edinburgh

Using Film more effectively in the teaching and assessing of Deaf Pupils (ICT Workshops)

Presented on Tuesday 28 April 2009

Movie Maker (version 2.1)

1) Layout of the Movie Maker

Storyboard view


Timeline view


2) Importing Video (for mini DV camcorders)

(Transferring clip from the camcorder to the computer)
a) Connect the camcorder and the computer with a FireWire Cable
b) Set the Camcorder to Playback mode
c) Click on File and select Capture Video

capture video

d) The Video Capture Wizard dialogue box appears. Select Mini DV camcorder (If the camcorder model is not shown, select AV Compliant DV device if the camcorder has a DV socket).


e) Type a filename for the captured video file (eg; Evaluation)

enter filename

f) Click Next

g) In the Video Setting box, select the video setting to capture the video. a. Select Best Quality for playback on my computer – Recommended for Powerpoint OR b. Select Other Settings – PAL (PAL is Britain’s standard TV format) – Recommended for DV


h) In the Capture Method box. Click Next (If you have an older PC, it would be best to switch off the Show preview during capture)

i) The tape will automatically rewind. The recording will begin and stop automatically when the clip starts and ends. This can be stopped anytime by clicking 'Stop Capture', if it is known when the clip is to be stopped.

3) Editing the Video Clips

To create clips-

a) Select a clip from the Collections Pane (eg; Evaluation) and drag it to the Video Timeline

b) Play the clip. (Make a note of the times you want the clip to start and end)

c) Move the Playhead to the time when you want the clip to start. Click Clip menu and select Split

d) Select the unwanted clip, then click the Delete button.

e) Repeat with the end of the clip.

f) Save the clip. Select my computer, enter the filename (eg; Evaluation Part 1). Then click next to save the clip.


4) Make titles or credits

a) To add a title at the Beginning of the clip - Select Add title at the beginning of the movie.

b) Enter the title in Enter Text for Title box.

c) Select Change the text and font colour.

d) Change the title animation.

g) When completed, select Done, add the title to the movie.

h) Save the clip. Select my computer, enter the filename (eg; Evaluation Part 1). Then click next to save the clip.