University of Edinburgh

Assessment of Comprehension and Expression (ACE)

Presented on Thursday, 26 April

Spoken language development over the Primary years

Rachel O'Neill

  • Syntax – grammar
  • Semantics – word and phrase meaning
  • Pragmatics – language in use
  • Other areas like Phonology we are not looking at today

Important textbook for syntax: Katharine Perera (1984) Children’s writing and reading

Syntax developments

  • Clause patterns
  • Noun phrase
  • Pronoun use
  • Verb phrase
  • Word structure
  • Negatives
  • Questions
  • Passives
  • Complex sentences
  • Adverbial clauses
  • Postmodifying (ACE) or relative clauses

Semantic developments

  • Key texts: Nation and Clark
  • Expanding the number of fields
  • Filling in the gaps
  • Saying the same thing different ways
  • Rate of vocabulary expansion
  • General knowledge and new word meaning
  • Coining new words
  • Extensive reading as a way of working out meaning of new words
  • Noun phrase tells us more about verb meanings
  • Different ways for deaf children?

Pragmatic developments

  • Inference
  • Non-literal comprehension
  • Co-ordination
  • Organising features in speech
  • Taking the listener's needs into account
  • Highlighting
  • Ellipsis


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Thanks Lovel, Maud, Miriam, Paige, Peter, Falkirk Council, Fife Council