University of Edinburgh

 Deaf Children at Primary School for Teaching Assistants

Presented on Tuesday, 26th August, 2014


Most deaf children who use technology to hear are educated within a mainstream setting, many with the support of a learning or communication assistant. This course updated participants on the latest technologies: what they provide and the challenges faced by children who use them. There was opportunity to explore the teaching assistant's role in providing support, and think about different support methods that can be used with children who use hearing technology. In addition participants improved their knowledge of communication development and developed practical strategies to ensure the child they support can achieve their potential in listening and speaking.

"I will take the info and apply directly to the classroom in terms of the way in which I communicate with the child and how much I do for them."

"All excellent from how technology works to resources to improve support."

This course looked at technology and its potential for spoken language development. Other topics included classroom practice, trouble-shooting a cochlear implant system and classroom acoustics. Case studies were observed via a video presentation and discussed in workshop groups. The participants were able to take away practical strategies and resources for improving the learning experience of pupils using hearing aids or cochlear implants. The participants felt empowered by the information and keen to apply it directly to their classroom situation to encourage more complex vocabulary as well as improve the communication between themselves and the pupil.

Target Audience

Primarily suitable for teaching/communication assistants in a mainstream setting.


Diana Harbor, Education Tutor, Speech Therapist and Audiologist, the Ear Foundation


10.20 am - Introductions and issues for the day
10.30 am - Technology and the potential for spoken language development: an update
11.45 am - Your role as a Learning Support Assistant
12.30 pm - Classroom management and trouble-shooting a CI system
1.45 pm - Practical strategies for developing spoken language and Resources
2.30 pm - Video based and case studies group work
3.15 pm - Resources to take away
4 pm - Course Evaluation and close