University of Edinburgh

Lipreading Issues

Presented in December 2005

SQA Module in Lipreading skills Intermediate I


To develop the student's ability to lip-read (and thereby to improve his/her confidence to communicate with hearing people in everyday situations).

Learning outcomes

1.To know the factors that affect lipreading and apply appropriate coping strategies.

2. To lipread short sentences in a known context.

3. To take part in a short 1 to 1 conversation in a known context with a variety of speakers.

4. To take part in a short group discussion.

Some general suggestions

  • focus on functional language in everyday situations
  • encourage students to suggest topics/ideas for inclusion in the module
  • involve other people in delivering the module to give practice in lipreading a wide range of people
  • importance of appropriate models - take time to prepare invited adults /students before involving them with your group. This is especially important re the assessment
  • vary the type of tasks carried out as lip-reading is very tiring - limit the time spent on lipreading within each session
  • a collaborative approach works well - use your SLT
  • build up pupils' confidence in school and then reinforce practice in outside situations


  • SQA National Certificate Module Descriptor
  • Summary of information from SQA
  • Information handout for use on, eg; Parents' Nights, Open Days etc. and
    application form for students to register interest in the course
  • Internal Verification list
  • Candidate selection and Pre-Test
  • Module Summary - 4 versions included - select the version most suited
    to your communication approach
  • Additional information about running the course + SQA Checklist for
  • Effective Learning and Teaching
  • Induction + SQA Checklist for Effective Induction
  • Attendance sheet

Summary of L01 and introductory notes

Suggested sequence of introduction and general suggestions for implementation

Environmental Factors - worksheets 1 - 4 + room layouts (practical) Presentational Factors - worksheets 5 - 8 + suggestions for role play Personal Factors (speaker) - worksheets 9 - 12
Personal Factors (receiver) - worksheets 13 - 16
All factors - worksheets 17 - 22
Observation of videos - worksheets 23 - 32 + additional sheets

Summary of L02

General suggestions for implementation Suggestions re basic lesson structure

Topic list and topic packs (covers L02, L03 and L04) Suggestions for additional activities


23. Summary of L03
24. General suggestions for implementation


25. Summary of L04
26. General suggestions for implementation


27. SQA Checklist for Effective Assessment 28. Assessment of L01
29. Assessment of L02 30. Assessment of L03 31. Assessment of L04