University of Edinburgh

Lipreading Issues

Presented in December 2005

Course evaluation summary

Number of Participants: 15 Number of Respondents: 15

Overall Assessment:

How would you rate the following: EXCELLENT = 1 POOR = 5

  • Enhancement to your expertise 1.47
  • Content and supplementary material 1.33

How will you use what you have learned today?

  • Cascade to colleagues and consider for future.
  • Outstanding info on lipreading and lipspeaking issues.
  • With my pupils and in CPD for the staff - great tips! Also, interested in training my pupils how to use a lipspeaker.
  • Thinking about use with pupils cues for phonics. Use of lipspeaker. Also SQA qualification.
  • Take it back to school, perhaps discuss with colleagues and pupils.
  • In classroom - many practical applications.
  • Take it back to college where I work to promote classes for young people.
  • Share with colleagues and pupils.
  • Make me more aware of lipspeaking and make pupils aware of using a lipspeaker, especially after leaving school.
  • Share with colleagues. Pass on information to pupils. Consider the SQA module.
  • In my day to day work as a peri teacher - to improve my own awareness of my own lip patterns; also in awareness raising with class teachers of deaf pupils.
  • Influence teaching techniques and ideas for use with children.
  • I will be extremely appropriate to the work I do with pupils in mainstream.
  • To improve my communication skills in the classroom. As an aid to deaf awareness talks to mainstream staff.
  • Lipreading - as a support and encouragement for running course, as general info for other staff/other colleagues in subject departments.
  • Lipspeaking - for information, awareness raising.

How would you rate the following: EXCELLENT = 1 POOR = 5

  • Clarity of presentation 1.2
  • Pacing of course/event 1.4

What was best about the course/event?

  • Lipspeaking practical and demonstration.
  • Standard of presentation. Content of presentation.
  • Learned new things - you can’t believe it when you’ve worked with deaf pupils for such a long time - thanks!
  • SQA - lipreading with phonic. The use of a lipspeaker with hearing impaired pupils.
  • Practical exercises. Speakers very good, knowledgeable, interesting. Importance of eyebrows in conveying facial expression. Phonics and relevance to deaf children. Learning about role of deaf speaker.
  • Info on lipspeaking. Update on lipreading for young people.
  • Excellent presentations and handouts. Practical parts fun and interesting.
    Enthusiasm and professionalism of presenters. Information from Fiona. Approachable nature of presenters.
  • All aspects were really good - lots of good information from both speakers; practical activities.
  • Awareness raising for use with children phonics scheme sound fantastic.
    Information on lipreading.
  • All of interest. Interested to hear about development of resources for teaching phonics.
  • First priority was to hear more on lipreading as we’re running the course for two S4 pupils in this in St Roch’s, so this was really a help to have background info. Also it was a real refresher and motivator.
  • What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?
  • Definitely food for thought, one of the most interesting!
  • More time!
  • More time on practical activities as they really raised awareness of difficulties in lipreading and lipspeaking.
  • It was fine.

Any other comments regarding the course?

  • A very enjoyable day.
  • More of the same.
  • Glad to have a course for the “oral deaf” in mainstream.
  • Really good!! Both presenters were great, very informative.
  • More time spent on practical workshops/exercises.
  • Really appreciated having the chance to contact people involved in similar work.

Location and Venue

Convenient location for this course: No Response 4; Yes 9; No 2


  • Convenience of venue 2.27
  • Quality of venue 1.87

Likely to attend if venue was used again: No Response 2; Likely 12; Less Likely 1

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

  • More on today’s topic.
  • SQA allowances for oral deaf pupils in mainstream.
  • Role of Teacher of the Deaf in mainstream settings - sharing good practice, ideas, curriculum.
  • Signing for pre-level 3 people.
  • Anything on deaf education.

Outcomes Assessment

If you are a teacher, how would you rate this course in relation to the following "Chartered Teacher Standard" components:


  • your professional values and personal commitment 1.38
  • your professional knowledge and understanding 1.15
  • your professional and personal attributes 1.46