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Promoting Literacy in Deaf Children

Presented on Friday, 7 December 2007

Course evaluation summary

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Number of Respondents: 10

Overall Assessment:

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Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material



How will you use what you have learned today?
This has raised my awareness of what is (or soon will be) available for use on the internet.
Some interesting resources to consider for use in school.
Research reading resources.
Using with pupils in learning and teaching, and watching for more to come signstream/ebooks.
For information.
Feedback to colleagues. Look more carefully at the way/approach to how I teach reading.
I will suggest that reading groups are used in a structured way in mainstream to cover the points in language development at St Johns. Will definitely follow signstream development.
Rethink my use of base support time. Maybe I need to spend more time focusing on reading.
Feedback to colleagues about new developments and resources. Evaluate how I teach reading and make some changes.
Ideas that can be used to back up material for reading and comprehension.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?
Raised awareness of ICT possibilities - that is, in order to improve literacy of HI pupils.
Rachel William's initiative - very exciting!
Rachel William's presentation and the fact two speakers presented in BSL.
Really enjoyed signstream and ebooks.
Lexicon. Signstream. Deaf education.
All 3 presentations were very valuable. I really enjoyed the signstream presentation.  There seems to be a huge gap in this area and the possibilities are huge.
Signstream books, exciting use of technology.
As usual these courses make me think about what I offer my pupils and inspire me to look at new resources and teaching methods.
I enjoyed all 3 presentations and find it hard to pick out one thing in particular.
Good to have the chance of hands on and seeing resources that would be of real benefit to the children I visit.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?
Earlier lunch.
Additional coffee break.
A closer location to Aberdeen.
The accommodation - cold and poor lighting, and difficult to see PowerPoint presentation.
Warmer rooms. Closer location to Aberdeen.

Any other comments regarding the course?
The room was very cold. One of the most interesting courses I have attended.
Well organised. (Perhaps copies of Edinburgh Reading Test.)
Nice lunch.

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But would like some courses run in other places.

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What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?
Any BSL/English related courses.
Deafness & Dyslexia/Deafness & Autism - not separate, that is, not deafness and dyslexia as separate issue, but information about the combined needs.

Outcomes Assessment

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