University of Edinburgh

Promoting Literacy in Deaf Children

Presented on Friday, 7 December 2007

Lexicon | SignStream

Rachael Williams

Why are stories important?

  • It can be used as a language tool
  • It improves communication skills
  • It gives a child a sense of identity, and their place in the world
  • Involving a child in storytelling can help a child go on to tell stories themselves, enhancing confidence, and self esteem from the act of others watching or listening to them.
  • Can help a child identify with characters who may be sharing similar difficult experiences.

Old Technology!

  • In the early days, the technology capable of showing BSL clearly as a visual moving language did not exist.
  • Video had to be small and played back with stilted and jerky movements which made it difficult to understand and uncomfortable to watch.

Some of SignStream's Services…

  • Translating websites into BSL
  • Telling stories in BSL
  • Live or on demand webcasting with synchronised powerpoint, graphics or animation
  • SignStream 'portal' – links to all public media
  • Creating stand alone products such as DVDs, CD roms.

Deaf Storytellers – we want you! Why?

Role Model for Deaf children

  • Inspire confidence and a sense of Identity.
  • Exposure to various styles of signing and cultures
  • Show regional variations of BSL
  • Help to develop a child's BSL vocabulary & grammatical structure.
  • Can assist parents, teachers and members of the family to pick up some signs.

How to contact Lexicon | SignStream…

Address: The Old Coal Wharf, Cropredy, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 1PN
Telephone: 01295 758515
Textphone: 01295 758516
Fax: 01295 758517