SSC Course 8: Science for Deaf Children

Presented on Thursday 12th December 2013

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Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?

I am now able to support the deaf children in science with new signs and I am still able to make it fun and contextualise.
I knew all the science already but am fascinated by BSL and other.
Will implement the experiments in my teaching, use glossary to develop my signs.
Continue to show pupils SSC glossary regularly. Make use of some of the lab videos with pupils.
I will learn all of the tips to ensure that I am a great facilitator to learning, letting the children lead their learning. Also more aware of BSL resources which will help me to challenge my kids.
I will use some of the experiments I hadn't seen before. I will also use some of the presentation techniques.
Class layout and further awareness of pupils in my class with hearing impairments - wait time. I'm going to look into BSL courses.
Developing signs, seeing links between signs within families.
I will feedback to teachers of the deaf and pass on the ideas to colleagues in the Faculty of Science in my school.
To make better use of the BSL glossary and incorporate the signs in to classes a lot more.
To do things and explain things more visually also to use the glossary online more often.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

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What was best about the course/event?

Making sense of the new signs. As a non-signer with a science background the new signs based around family words, eg chemical change were simple and made sense!
I was complete eye opener. I realised how useful signing could be for all visual and kinaesthetic learners in class. Presenters and signers were excellent.
Experiments. Learning new science signed terms.
Good range of activities. Linguistic/practical balance. Fun too! Thanks.
I really enjoyed the practical work as it is always great to see them and link it to the science. The BSL examples were FANTASTIC!
Linking of experiments to history of deaf scientists. Making a comet.
Experiments. Experiencing a signing environment - new to me :-).
Interaction between Audrey/Gary and participants.
The clear presentation and timing of the presenters.
The experiments. Learning how some of the signs were made. Understanding best practices for teaching deaf students.
Showing how involving student with visual images, experiments etc is so much more useful than just books and lecturing.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

I would have liked less time on the science experiments and more on BSL and definitions.
Nothing, good fun and learned a lot. Such a wealth of good info.
More time on how to develop signs not in the glossary.
Raincoats for the lab!

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