University of Edinburgh

A Musical Approach to Developing Communication for Children with Hearing Loss and/or Language Delay

Date: Tuesday, 5 December 2017
Venue: SSC, Edinburgh
Time: 10 am - 4 pm
Fee: £110

NOTE - closing date for course is 28th November 2017


Singing to infants is universal across cultures, yet most parents are not musicians. Research has shown the positive effect of music and singing on a baby's developing brain and how just as infants become specialised for speech sounds in their language, brains specialise for music.

Join us to learn more about the research and what children need to be able to hear to enjoy music. We'll think about what prevents parents and children from singing and come up with some solutions. We'll explore how and why you can use familiar songs to build children's knowledge of words and concepts, setting appropriate goals for language and communication. Know how to include problem solving in activities to make them effective for learning and formulate some ideas of your own.

Joining in with singing - preferred but not essential!

Target Audience

Teachers of the deaf, speech and language therapists, mainstream teachers, and all other professionals who support deaf students.


Suzanne Harrigan, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, The Ear Foundation