University of Edinburgh

Deaf Pupil Education and Social Services

Course Evaluation

Wednesday 24 November 2004

Number of Participants: 12 Number of Respondents: 11

Overall Assessment:

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5






Organisation of the course/event


Content and supplementary material


Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


Overall evaluation


What was best about the course/event?

Highland's presentation/information as good model of practice.

The morning input was excellent - informative and useful.

Morning presentation was best, very informative. Afternoon was good but could have done with one speaker for one stage instead of shared.

I enjoyed the morning because there was 2 deaf presenters.  In afternoon it is really specific for the teachers and social workers, not for auxiliaries but did enjoy it.

Hearing about Deaf Action and services from a deaf viewpoint.  Very practical presentation from Highland - a great pity there were no other people from Edinburgh!

Plenty of information and enthusiasm from presenters.

The enthusiasm and commitment of the speakers pm was excellent.

Interesting presentation from Deaf Action about what's happening now and future.  Got some useful facts.  Not clear enough what the presentation trying to aim.  Useful to see examples/Deaf issues/situation - that's understanding.

The whole perspective was interesting and useful.

Illustrations of how well co-ordinated Deaf Education and Social Services are in Highland - a model for us to follow.

Practical strategies for greater joint working and focus on outcomes for children.  Examples from Highland Council excellent.

What could have been better?

Afternoon input rambled too much - could have been more concise.

More breaks in between.

The interpreters come from England and it would be better Scottish interpreters because of our accent.

It was not very clear from the title and description on leaflet, what the course actually involved.  I think more people would have been interested if the content had been more specifically described.

Very small complaint - what about something to eat with coffee - scone, biscuit!!

Overall whole day - structure/aims/objectives not clear or explained properly what the speakers to talk about.  Also interpreters need to be polished/trained as they were using English signs causing some confusion/misunderstanding.

Provision of water, tea/coffee.

More focus on specific practice relating to joint working rather than lengthy description on structure of teams in Edinburgh which are not relevant to people from other parts of the country and would already be known to most participants.

Any other comments

I felt the interpreters were missing vital information for the deaf people.  Also, their voiceover because noticed she mentioned will but the deaf presenter signed MUST.  It would be better if all information right.

I did not receive a map - but not a big problem!

Feel it was too long - concentration span is limited.  Food and drink provisions not satisfactory for the money we pay.  Was it worth 80?  Also disappointed with the turnout of people/professionals.

It is a pity there were no other Social Work Departments represented.  In fact it's a pity the whole day was so poorly attended.

The varying structures of social services across authorities makes it difficult to achieve the ideal.  My Authority no longer has a dedicated social services team for the under 16 deaf population.  Generic children and families disability teams do not have the specialised knowledge and skills re deafness.