University of Edinburgh

ICT Workshop for Teachers of Deaf Children

Friday 17 February 2006


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This free workshop was arranged in collaboration with the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS).

  • ICT can be a valuable teaching resource for deaf pupils because of its accessible and visual approach.
  • This workshop provides a development on the highly popular and successful NDCS Blue Skies Day of last session.
  • This workshop will focus on software which is particularly useful in the teaching of deaf pupils and will provide demonstrations of deaf-friendly software (see overleaf).

WORKSHOP 1: Kar2ouche: can bring teaching and learning activities to life by allowing pupils and teachers to create, pictures, storyboards, animations, movies, comics, and magazines. Libraries of 3D characters and props are provided. Text can be added in the form of speech or text bubbles.

  • website:
  • WORKSHOP 2: Clozepro: a tool for cloze activities - children can click on words to fill gaps in sentences. Paper- based cloze activities can be created quickly and easily. Text can be easily copied and pasted into Clozepro.

  • website:
  • WORKSHOP 3: Mind Genius: a mind mapping tool which uses words, images, numbers and colours to allow pupils to learn in a very visual way.
  • website:
  • WORKSHOP 4: Communicate: By choice: provides a means for creating and using on-screen activities which present question/answer and multiple choice tasks to pupils. Teachers can edit existing activities and create new ones.

    WORKSHOP 5: Digital Blue: Digital Movie Creator: an exciting new movie camera which is very accessibly priced. It allows you to capture digital video and audio at or away from your computer. Your computer can then be used as an editing suite allowing you to add special features, animation and credits.

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