University of Edinburgh

ICT Workshop for Teachers of Deaf Children

Friday 17 February 2006


Anna Blair, Stephanie Mullen, Patricia Woods


Mind Mapping is a powerful graphical technique that stimulates and unlocks the potential of your brain. It uses words, images, numbers and colours to help you absorb information in a manner that makes it stick and helps you learn. However, sometimes learning is not the issue; it is memory.

Mind Mapping provides you with the ability to access, recall and extract information from your head and re-use this knowledge and experience when required. Mind Mapping can be applied any time you need to think and to every aspect of life where improved learning and clearer thinking will enhance your performance.

Connect Keywords

The keywords don't mean much on their own but when you connect, order and associate them they form a comprehensive summary.

Categorise the information

Tony Buzan encourages the use of colour to distinguish and categorise the information. Your brain is more likely to be excited by colour and as a result become interested in the subject content.

Personalise the information

Create your own personal images and symbols that will help you understand and remember the relationships between your thoughts.