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Literacy Workshop 2: Developing English in a Sign/Bilingual School

Presented on Wednesday 28 February 2007

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Live English Work at Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children

Louise Corfe

Teaching Toolkit and Resource Pack

teaching toolkit

Educational Rationale

  • Supports teachers to be confident and effective in their literacy teaching
  • Supports children to be confident in their understanding and use of written English
  • Provides a developmental approach
  • Enables effective differentiation
  • Meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and National Literacy Strategy

Contents of the Teaching Toolkit and Resource Pack
Manual and CD-ROM:

  • Individual Target Setting Sheets for Guided Reading and Writing
  • Reading Developmental Framework
  • Writing Developmental Framework
  • Key Stage 1 Alphabetical Word File Sheets
  • Key Stage 2 Colour-Coded Word File Sheets
  • Additional Word File Sheets
  • Scaffolding Sheets

"The school has very good reading and writing developmental frameworks, which systematically map each pupil’s development, progress and achievements in reading and writing."

Reading & Writing Developmental Frameworks

  • Outline the sequence of development of literacy skills from Nursery to Year 6
  • Provide individual mid-term summative assessment
  • Include NC levels of attainment
  • Include small steps to track children’s achievements accurately
  • Inform individual target setting for Guided Reading and Writing elements of the
  • Literacy Hour
  • Inform IEP targets

Reading Developmental Framework

  • Reading skills from Nursery to Year 6
  • 3 Strands:
    - Moving between BSL & English (Meaning & Appreciation)
    - Decoding Print (Contextual, Grammatical & Graphic Cues)
    - Library Skills & Features of Text Types (including Non-Fiction)
  • National Curriculum levels
  • Informs individual targets for Guided Reading

library skills

decoding print

moving between bsl and english

reading targets