University of Edinburgh

Supporting Deaf Pupils in the Early Stages: Learning from Good Practice

Presented on Wednesday 4 February 2009


This course provided opportunities for participants to focus on the support of deaf children at the early stages led by Scottish practitioners.

Brian Shannan provided opportunities to discuss some of the issues that have arisen out of the implementation of the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme (NHSP), including how and why we monitor the development of deaf children, some of the audiological issues, and the type of support offered to families. Brian led a practical session analysing video clips of deaf children to assess their progress using the Early Support Protocols.

Evelyn MacMillan provided an insight into how deaf children and their families are supported by the Glasgow Sensory Support Service. This included information on some aspects of home visiting, keeping up with current research, supporting families through their HI Parents' Group and using archived videos to monitor progress.

Dr Juan Mora talked about the journey starting with the newborn hearing screening test in Greater Glasgow to the moment when the presence of hearing loss is identified. The initiatives to support the children with hearing loss and their families were outlined, including the first meeting when the outcome of the initial assessment is discussed with the parents, the liaison with the Early Intervention Group of the local UNHS programme and the follow-up map by the different professionals in the team.

Target Audience: this day will be very valuable to teachers of deaf children working with deaf children at the early stages.

Presenters: Brian Shannan, Fife Sensory Support Service,
Evelyn MacMillan, Glasgow Sensory Support Service,
Dr Juan Mora, Yorkhill Children's Hospital, Glasgow