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Supporting Deaf Pupils in the Early Stages: Learning from Good Practice

Presented on Wednesday 4 February 2009

Course evaluation summary

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Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?
We can hopefully use the profiles and video analysis within our service.
Some good ideas to use within our Service.
Planning the next steps which I have found hard. Need to buy a video camera.
I will use in the future when I will be expected to work with younger children.
Take all information back to my line manager.
Basis for future research. Put into practice later in career when supporting in early years.
Purchase DVD recorder and start to use in home visits.  Use Early Support materials to devise profiles. Adapt fridge magnets to encourage support/co-operation from parents.
Try to use video clips more frequently and use recordings to evaluate progress.
Take back to sensory support service team; share materials.
Setting up a Service Early Year Protocol.
Gave ideas on how we could extend our practice.
Discuss as a team and possibly incorporate into our practice. (2)
Will use in my own assessment and planning.
More encouraged to use formal assessment material and use at least some of protocol material.
Practical use with families I work with. In-service training for Learning Assistants in mainstream primary.
Identify ways for our service to analyse and record video evidence and link it into the monitoring profile.
If I have young child next session I will video them.
Take it forward if we start working with pre-3 year-old children. Good to know how to extend our practice as ToDs are taking over from our now retired educational audiologist.
Share with colleagues for discussion, debate and questions. Explore given websites and resources. Suggest ideas from Glasgow Service that could be used in Aberdeen.
Discuss elements of the course with colleagues to determine how best to use the information in our service.
As teachers of the Deaf in our area are not yet working with very young babies and pre-nursery children, this gave good insight into what is happening elsewhere and will be very helpful when we set up working with parents and families.
For service development - reviewing own practice - planning for improvement.
Hopefully implement some of the ideas if/when I’m working with a child of that age.
Within my practice when working with Sensory Support Service in Aberdeenshire.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?
Good to hear what other services are doing.
The information given from the Glasgow Service.
Learning how to use a video and the profiles.
Analysing the video clips.
I enjoyed Juan Mora talking about Early Years Support and also newborn hearing screening; both were of interest to me.
Variety of professional speakers and information, support materials provided.
To see the benefits of using ‘video’ footage to show development progress of child.
First time I have heard a clear explanation about how pack could be used with children.
Chance to meet other professionals and share experiences re early years.  Evelyn MacMillan’s session very interesting; archived DVD/video - great idea.
Very interesting content delivered in a very friendly manner - great handouts and lovely lunch.
The archiving of videos and the way Glasgow Sensory Service is organised.
Insight into structure of Glasgow team and how they worked as Best Practice.
Knowing that some authorities have developed and deliver effective early intervention.
Useful information about the use of video - will definitely want to implement in our work with young children.
Illustration of good practice. Length good.
Learning about different styles of analysing videos and use of monitoring profile.
Meeting other ToDs and excellent presentations and materials to take away - really useful!
Evelyn McMillan’s presentation was very clear.
Session 1 was clear and informative. Appropriate to my own role. Interesting discussion produced in final session.
Monitoring protocol for Deaf babies and children as it is used in our service and I gained more knowledge, ideas and information. Also, to hear how another service (Glasgow) deal with home visits, liked the home book.
Enjoyed Evelyn’s presentation very much. Found it relevant and interesting.
The recording of children’s language development through filming.
Learning what other areas are doing and use of video analysis.
Video analysis clips good use morning session.
Within my practice when working with Sensory Support Service in Aberdeenshire.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?
Difficult to hear the second presenter - Soundfield would have helped.
The second speaker was not always clear. Interesting session though would have preferred more time to expand information.
Maybe microphone for quiet speakers.
More attempts at video analysis.
Perhaps use of Soundfield system or PA to enhance quieter voices.
All good.
Not course directly but would be good to be able to access water/soft drinks throughout the day.
Use of Soundfield system! Difficulty hearing male speakers.
Pacing of video analysis too long. Shorter clips for more in-depth analysis would have been better.
Video analysis clips too long - afternoon session - perhaps more time spend on how to use video analysis. What to look for, how to analyse. More time required on the practical aspect of this.
Perhaps advertising materials could be clearer that the course/day is ideally suited for teachers rather than other professionals.

Any other comments regarding the course?
Very worthwhile day, very practical. Presenters easy to listen to, enjoyed the video clips.
Valuable to meet other teachers.
Very helpful.
A good insight into a variety of roles/services supporting deaf pupils in Early Stages. Very interesting listening to areas of good practice - successes and limitations.
Good advice on using the profile - although it is being used in our service, it could be improved upon by doing more video analysis.
Thank you for the excellent gluten free lunch!
Would have liked a copy of Evelyn's sheet that her service use for video analysis  Liked the idea of archived DVDs for professional and family reference.
In Glasgow next time?
Thank you. It was an excellent course!
Worthwhile, informative and useful for own practice.
Being seated at tables would have been more beneficial for writing up of video analysis.

Location and Venue

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Quality of venue



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How did you hear about this course?
SSC Leaflet/mailings. (16)
Through line manager/co-ordinator/headteacher. (8)
Newsletter. (1)
No response. (3)

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?
More CPD on cochlear implants. New processors coming out and no information.
Flo Longhorn re babies and young children with severe and complex needs; sensory learning. 
Birth to 2 years days, especially for those with hearing loss and additional support needs. 
Counselling skills.
Audiology - various testing and equipment. I never can get enough ...!
Any audiology courses including testing.
Analysing older (secondary) pupils' language.
Deafblind.  Complex/severe deaf and additional needs.
Further courses related to 0-5 group eg more on use of Monitoring Protocols, more on developing skills needed for working with families. 
Courses related to support for deaf pupils with additional support needs.  Courses related to developing self-evaluation practices skills in peripatetic services.
Practical suggestions for lessons/activities for children with additional support needs.
Multi-agency working within sensory impairments - for professionals/other main teachers.

Outcomes Assessment

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