University of Edinburgh

Supporting Deaf Pupils in the Early Stages: Learning from Good Practice

Presented on Wednesday 4 February 2009

Early Years Support

Presented by: Evelyn MacMillan
Acting Co-ordinator
Sensory Support Service Glasgow

Areas for discussion

  • Home visits
  • Archived DVD's
  • Web/Journal Research
  • Parents' Group

Home visits

  • Impact of NHSP – Increased caseload at very young age, staffing implications, new skills required
  • Staff training – CPD, counselling skills
  • Using experienced staff - sensitivity and good judgement, knowledge base
  • Different from supporting at nurseries or schools

Early Intervention Team

  • Composition – multi-agency
  • SSS role
  • Importance of liaison and information sharing
  • Dangers of overload

Early Visits

  • Initial contact – forming relationships
  • Information given on other agencies – Speech and
    Language Therapy joint visit, BME support
  • Establishing hearing aid use
  • Answering questions
  • Parents' Group

On-going Support

  • Building confidence – parents are key to progress
  • Working with carer and child
  • Monitoring child's development
  • Links with other agencies – home book
  • Time needed for liaison with other agencies