University of Edinburgh

Curriculum for Excellence

Date: Friday 25 February 2011
Venue: SSC Edinburgh
Time: 10 am-4 pm
Cost: 90 ; 45 to parents / unwaged
Closing date: tbc


This day is the follow-up to the feedback we received from those who attended the half-day Curriculum for Excellence session last March. This is an interactive day. The presentations will be followed by group discussion sessions:

  • Curriculum for Excellence Planning
  • Active Learning from Donaldson's
  • Experiences and Outcomes
  • Liaison and Service Delivery

Jennifer McDougall will be showing how working groups can be set up on Glow - how to gather, store and share ideas.

This is an opportunity to come along and see how these aspects of Curriculum for Excellence are being developed for HI/VI pupils and to share good practice and ideas from different authorities.

Target Audience: Teachers, parents and all those working with deaf children and young people in schools.

Presenters: Fife Sensory Service;
Ayrshire HI Peripatetic Team;
Hazelwood School, Glasgow;
Windsor Park, Falkirk;
Sensory Support Services, North Lanarkshire;
Jennifer McDougall, LTS; and others to be confirmed